June 28, 2014

White Dog nuzzled against me. It is a game of Opera Season, to see which of the White Dog Army can send the most furs along with us each week as we head off to Santa Fe. Tonight she and Bella were the fiercest competitors as the boys and Puff were too busy sniffing the cooler and tote bag to make note of the tailgate picnic menu for the evening...it is a long tradition to share leftovers with the White Dog Army when we return at midnight.

It was a gorgeous evening weather-wise as Steve and I sat and enjoyed a pre-performance meal of double creme brie and almond crackers, followed by chicken steamed over earl grey tea and sliced on top of arugula, fresh apricots, zucchini and raspberries. We nibbled on Italian rice balls wrapped around four cheeses and pine nuts...and capped things off with a coconut tart drizzled with mango puree. "The pups are going to LOVE this," Steve complimented as we tucked leftovers back into the cooler.

Don Pasquale, by Donizetti, is operatic comedy at its silliest and Steve enjoyed it greatly. I am not much of a fan of this type of opera but was intrigued by the cleverly engineered set. The voices were good and we were able to witness one of those "Star is Born" moments...the experienced soprano who was to sing the female lead was unable to perform pushing her understudy, a student in the Santa Fe apprentice program into the spotlight. She was to debut this fall as part of the standing cast in the Zurich opera season but instead was front and center on opening night in Santa Fe's world class venue. She has a lovely voice and with seasoning has great promise; last night she held her own admirably.

All of this we shared at midnight, as per our tradition, with the White Ones as they enjoyed an apres-opera snack of rice balls and chicken from the salad (only YoYoMa was interested in the zucchini and fruit). EVERY pup licked the plate clean of the tart and tails wagged for more. When Steve said that all had eaten enough, the WDA tried guilting him about how long we had been gone.

"Sweet Ones," I told them. "We are VERY glad you got to share what we ate but it is now walk and then bedtime. We want no tummy aches. Please understand. This is just the first of five weeks of marvelous midnight munchies!"


Bunk said...

The snack part sounds delicious!

Random Felines said...

we aren't so sure about the opera part but it sure sounds like a good time was had by all

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Well I think kit all sounded fabulous. The wonderful food and the music. Glad you enjoyed

24 Paws of Love said...

Sounds like a good time by all. Glad you enjoyed yourself.