June 4, 2014

White Dog sat at my shoulder offering comfort but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. I saw her make eye contact with YoYoMa before she jumped down and went behind her chair. In one smooth movement Yo left his cool spot on the tiles and came over, wagging tail and goofy smile to plop his head on my lap and look up adoringly. I put my hand on his head and gave a rub.

Yet Another White Dog tossed his head and shoved himself closer. "NO!," he seemed to be saying, "Give me your attention. ALL of it!" Then he turned so he could press his whole body against me. I opened my arms and gave him a hug which turned into his squirming and trying to melt into me. Yo licked my hand and nuzzled my face. He posed; he postured. He dropped to the ground at my feet and twisted on his back, feet flailing and rolling in joy. He looked up to make sure I was still engaged. I could not help myself, I laughed and reached down to give his belly a thorough rubbing.

My laugh was the sign the rest of the WDA was waiting for. Bella came out from under the chair and play bowed before bouncing off my knee to dance gracefully on two-legs. Puff took up her position holding my right foot with her paw. Taiko stood in anticipation before slowly coming over to place his face in my palm. Sachi ran back and forth on the couch barking his weird little yip demanding I look at him.

The Army shifted to allow White Dog to climb back up to my shoulder. "I know you are disappointed that Paws To People did not win the grant," she said. "But it is the first effort, and we DID make the first cut. It does not mean our mission to save lives is not a good one and you must not lose faith. As long as we are all together we will succeed. We must never stop believing. Our time will come."  She rested her face against my neck.

My girl....and my White Dog Army. Sometimes I shake my head and question what I ever did to deserve such extraordinary support and love.


JudyMae said...

I am so sorry that Paws to People did not win the grant. How disappointing. Isn't it just amazing that our animals can sense our mood? I was going to say "dogs" but I have had cats that could sense my mood, too. Simply wonderful.

Random Felines said...

we are glad the WDA was there to lend their support. we are sorry you didn't get the grant, but know that MANY people believe in your cause and are so proud of your efforts.

Brian said...

Love and wagging tails always helps!