June 3, 2014

White Dog announced Elena's arrival and the White Dogs gathered to sing a greeting. As she waded into the room through the blizzard of noisy white, she suddenly stopped. "Why HELLO, Bella,"  she said. "I am honored that you have come out from under the chair to say hi!"

Indeed, shy Bella was at the door with the rest of the WDA, dancing on hind legs and barking a welcome. She did not immediately go back into hiding either, but sat for quite sometime within quick return to her safe haven but out in the open as she watched Elena and I talk.

Our Tiny Dancer is showing a bit more courage these past few weeks. Perhaps it is because she is no longer the newest recruit. Or maybe it is her way of establishing her place as the pack adjusts to the loss of Oso and the addition of Sachi. Could be that she just has hit a point in her own development as a White Dog that she is beginning to feel empowered. For whatever reason, her trusting more and taking more chances in interactions is a delight to share.

It has become a ritual in the evening and first thing in the morning for Bella e. Premuroso to gently nose my leg and ask to be be lifted into my arms. There she snuggles against me as we say goodnight or greet the new day. I whisper in her ear and kiss her nose. Together we, with the rest of the WDA around us, ask for Quinn, Nuka, and Oso to be with us in peace and love. Then Bella softly touches her nose to my cheek and hops down.

We believe that she is truly learning to enjoy the pre-bed walks; she sits patiently as Steve wraps her in her harness and puts on her leash. Bella seems to now look forward to pairing up with Puff to walk our neighborhood before settling in for the night.

Surprisingly, at lights out, our littlest girl more and more often chooses to sleep between the wall and Steve's side of the bed, sharing YoYoMa's space. She curls up toward the bottom of the bed leaving him plenty of space but our Big Boy appears to be comfortable that his sister essentially blocking his exit once they are both at rest. It is a big step for Yo, too.

We have found that it takes a long time for our recruits, which come from conditions that were harsh and often abusive, to bloom. It is amazing to me, knowing their stories, that they even can find it in their hearts to trust or forgive humanity at all. It is an Hallelujah moment in Bella's development right now and we are thrilled with her steps forward...it is clear that when the time is right, that our Beautiful and Caring One is going to burst in a radiant confident White Rose.


Random Felines said...

oh Bella - we are SO proud of you. we know being part of the WDA is a huge part of how far you have come...and we are glad we are along for the journey. :)

Brian said...

Bella is already a beauty and we know she will bloom soon!

meowmeowmans said...

Bella, you make us smile with your courage and spirit. And with the WDA, everything is possible. :)

24 Paws of Love said...

How simply awesome Bella! Look how far you have come...what a blessing!

And for Yo too!

It only gets better from here!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Its all sounding good and its all down to the love in the White dog household.