May 31, 2014

White Dog and the rest of the Army were just settling into mid morning nap mode. It was starting to get hot and the swamp cooler had kicked on for cooling. The front door was closed and the windows open but a crack for optimum evaporative cooling efficiency so the world outside was muted and remote.

But wait! The Army perked up, heads tilting as they heard the sounds long before I did. It was music and the sound of crowds gathering on Central (Route 66, the Mother Road) which passes just a block away from our home.

Suddenly naps were forgotten as the White Ones craned at the windows trying to see what was going on and pressed against the closed door. I had totally forgotten that our community's Pride Parade started at 10:30am and the parade course was along our bustling Avenue.

The WDA LOVES parades but unfortunately neither Steve nor Michael were home to take them down the block to view the fun. "Best I can do," I advised, "is open up the sun porch so that you can all sit on the couch there and stand in the windows to view from a distance. You WILL be able to hear all of the music and cheering," I promised.

They scampered onto the enclosed outdoor room and found comfy positions where they could see families and people walking down our block to line up for the event as well as catch glimpses of floats gliding by. They "woofed" at the outrageous outfits and howled along to the disco music. And when one of the groups played "Who let the dogs out?"...well let's just say the Army shouted every word (along with most everyone on the route)...and provided an answer as well.

For nearly an hour the community celebrated diversity and the WDA wagged and barked their support...and then, suddenly...there was quiet.

"Is that all?" WD asked stopping Bella mid-dance. "I think it was a pretty good parade," Taiko, who had stood on his hind legs at the window, said.

Sachi yipped his demand for more and YoYoMa sighed as he headed back inside where the swamp cooler gave the house a delightful chill. The others followed suit and in minutes were enjoying their postponed naps.


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Sounds wonderful to watch and hear. That was our plan one year to do the route 66 so maybe one year we will be passing by close to you.

meowmeowmans said...

That sounds like a pretty great parade to us, too! How wonderful that you live in a community where diversity is celebrated. :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Ohh it truly would be fun to see a parade going down the road!! How very happy an occasion