June 1, 2014

White Dog and The White Dog Army were not thrilled with being left behind but they understood that the Fetch and Releash mega adoption event would be chockful of lots of rescue and shelter dogs who deserved the opportunity to be the stars on a day that might hopefully find them a forever home.

Paws To People attended the Event to deliver the message to new adopters and those seeking information that the first best line of defense against disease was a lifetime of good health, nutrition and fitness for their pups. We had handouts discussing wellness, allergies, herbal use, exercises, and more. And when we arrived, Steve and I were delighted to discover that we were next to the New Mexico Siberian Husky Rescue Group, there with Chaplin (a beautiful red who surprised me by capturing Steve's infatuation) and his huge malamute mix buddy, Titan. Both were blowing coat like the WDA and we had an instant connection with them as we shared stories of Northern breed dogs and their general perfection.

On our other side was Rez Dog Rescue from remote Gallup; they had fantastic success adopting 12 of the 15 dogs that had been brought along. It was this group that all in our tent gathered around to watch an attendee come up and take interest in an older yellow lab mix. She was drawn back again and again. finally she agreed to meet the pup face-to-face and sat down in front of the kennel. When they opened the door, the dog calmly stepped forward and lay her head across the woman's shoulder nuzzling her neck. The woman softly stroked the dog's ears and hugged her tight. Everyone stopped to watch this beautiful connection of loving; we all had tears of joy to see this obvious bond. Of course, the adoption paperwork was begun and the woman stepped aside to call home to share her news. The next thing we all knew she was on her knees holding the yellow dog tightly and crying into her fur. The old girl stepped back into her kennel and laid down dejectedly. In calling home, the woman had been reminded that the Homeowners Association of her condo only allowed ONE dog, which they already had. Our tears turned to pain...for both...as she walked away eyes still leaking. No one else showed interest in the Lab who wore such a look of surrender.

When we shared this story with the WDA at home they wanted to know why WE did not bring her home. "It was not the same magic," I explained. We all asked the Universe to send this senior girl a very special forever person to fill her with the same kind of joy we had seen in her eyes earlier.

To end on a happy note, Fetch And Releash provided the opportunity for over 30 rescues from all over New Mexico to come together with the community to celebrate all things pet...and at the end of the weekend had helped over 120 furbabies find homes. We are thrilled at the success but look hopefully for the day when these adoptathons won't be necessary because every creature has security, and love, and a home.

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Random Felines said...

what a wonderful event. but we are sad that certain housing groups only allow certain numbers of animals. we hope someone steps up for that lovely older girl....