July 12, 2014

White Dog and the Army watched me make them and they were expecting their own polenta and fresh trout patties when we got home from tonight's opera. We were running late when we headed to Santa Fe this afternoon and somehow their special plate ended up getting tucked into the cooler of our tailgate picnic fixings.

Normally this would not be a problem since they routinely share the picnic leftovers every Saturday when we get home. But in shifting things around during our dinner picnic on the Opera grounds, their special plate was left out of the cooler. When we went back to the car at 11:15pm to drive home, the car smelled of foul fish. Into the trash can the plate went and we drove windows down for 20 minutes to air out the car.

But now we had a dilemma...no apres Opera treats for the WDA! This was certainly not going to be well received and it made us feel very guilty about spoiling (literally) their traditional treat.

Which is why at half past midnight, Steve and I sat in the around the building drive-through line at Wendy's (who would have guessed the hamburger joint did so much insomniac business?) waiting to order plain, absolutely nothing on them, no condiments, no not even pickles, just meat and bun hamburgers to bring home.

The WDA greeted us with excitement and snuffled the air hungrily. They did not care about my sad story of their true treats being ruined. They really were not all that interested in my review of Beethoven's only Opera.

They were WILD for the burgers.

And when the snorting and lip smacking and crumb snooffling was done, they much appreciated their walks. It was nearly 2am when we crazy white night owls curled up and turned off the lights to sleep. Just before Steve brought darkness, Puff whispered, "HOW many more weeks of Opera, Momma? These late nights are really hard on this old girl." I kissed her once more, "Two more, Sweet One...and they are certainly LONG!"


Amy Boyer said...

Wow you sure do provide nice rations for the White Dog Army! I don't believe I've visited before but I'm going to visit a few more of your posts to get acquainted with the WDA, cute name for your pack!

Random Felines said...

mmmm....burgers - sounds like a wonderful substitute treat :)

Sagira said...

Now I want a burger! BOL :)