July 13, 2014

White Dog leaped from the car and zoomed over to where Elena and Laura already had arranged chairs. Nate and Casey ran over to help gather leashes and assist the White Dog Army out of Pumpkin onto the soft green grass at the Park. It was Easy Sunday, an afternoon date at the Park to visit and mingle...and share icy cold watermelon.

As White Dog wandered and ran (watching My Girl in motion is always poetry to me), the rest of the Army found places that were comfortable...YoYoMa right in the center of our circle...Taiko between Nate and Steve...Bella under my wheelchair...Sachi first with Casey but then off to leave his mark on every chair leg! Puff sat with Steve until she decided that Sachi needed supervision.

Leashed together, Still Another White Dog did a fine job shepherding her young rambunctious charge and keeping him from wandering too far.

Bella, showing great courage, came out to investigate our friends and the space we enclosed...she won Laura's heart by sitting pressed against her leg. My shy girl does not approach others easily and her instinctive trust in our gentle friend made me smile.

Casey soon discovered that he and Yo shared a passion for watermelon, but Casey drew the line at eating the rind. My Big Boy's chin and ruff were smeared with pink as the two of them enjoyed the lip-smacking treat.

And so it was this Easy Sunday, warm but somehow perfect in the shade, relaxed and we were not even too concerned when the first raindrops fell. The Park was nearly deserted and it was pure bliss...until nature reminded us with a bit more force that July IS monsoon season. We quickly gathered chairs and stowed gear, gave hugs and pets, and ran for the vehicles.

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Brian said...

Sounds like a watermelon fun day!