July 22, 2014

White Dog and the rest of the Army reached that post-dinner point when it was time for a trip to the yard. Usually I can hear the dog door bang in sequence as they follow each other out to take care of business. Tonight just as the nervous pace that precedes the trip began, a loud crack and brilliant flash heralded the onset of a storm.

YoYoMa, heading the parade screeched to a halt inside the door and froze. Suddenly there was a traffic jam. He backed away from the door and laid down pressed against the bed.

White Dog pushed to the front and lifted the door; it was pouring. She, too, backed up then hopped up on the bed to wait out the weather.

Puff who in a previous existence lived outside in the dirt was unfazed. She slid quietly outside into the storm. She was followed by Taiko, also with experiences of life in the eye of the storm, who stopped outside of the door and looked up in challenge at the downpour before going down the ramp. Both were soaked when they burst back inside chased by another VERY close clap of thunder.

Bella laid down next to YoYoMa. Clearly both were prepared, along with White Dog, to wait out the inclement moment.

Sachi was not heading out either, nor was he settling into a "guess I'll just hold it" position. He was sniffing in earnest and it seemed an "accident" was inevitable...until Michael marched into the room with his umbrella and picked Sachi up in his arms.

"Come on Little Man," he said to him. "Let's at least go out on the deck." I heard him walk through the kitchen and open the back door, unfurling his umbrella before stepping out into the rain. Thirty seconds later, Sachi ran through the dog door and gave a shake. Michael came back through the house. "I set him down and he nearly peed on my foot. I think that he finished as he ran in the rain to get back into the house. I would have kept him dry."

The storm raged louder. "Everyone is fine now. Your umbrella was a very nice thought but even with that there is NO way you are going to talk any of the others into going out. They will wait out the storm; it won't last long."

Less than fifteen minutes later it was MUCH quieter...and I heard the dog door slam...once...twice...and again.


meowmeowmans said...

We love that Michael took such initiative in the situation. It sounds like he did so just in time! :)

Random Felines said...

good for Michael...but glad we don't have to worry about going outside :)