July 23, 2014

White Dog watched as YoYoMa determinedly gnawed at a piece of duck jerky. Normally our Big Boy wolfs down his strip in less than five seconds and eagerly returns to sit in front of me to ask for more.

He is still recovering from his dental work done on Monday. The swelling is gone but the inside of his mouth is still VERY tender; there were lots of extractions. Not only are those areas still raw, poor Yo has not yet figured out how to work with his new configuration of teeth. He is still pretty drooly and chewing sometimes pushes food to fall out of the new gaps. Dr. Julia says this will get better once he doesn't hurt and has some time to figure out a new chewing pattern.

But he IS feeling good enough that he insisted on jerky and did finally end up working his way through every crumb. We, the overcautious parents, are still keeping him on soft foods. He is not complaining. The plan is to start reintroducing a small amount of kibble tomorrow; we will see how that goes. He still has another two days of antibiotics and pain medication but his energy level is nearly back to normal and he is again interactive with the rest of the White Dog Army. (It is our hope he will be up to full speed before Monday...when Taiko goes in for HIS dental work.)

That is not to say YoYoMa is not smart enough to milk his recovery for every drop of sympathy he can wring from his momma. I am a doting slave to soft rubs on the side of his face, gentle kisses, and scritching the shaved areas. He enjoys both the moisturizing value as I massage coconut oil onto his shaved leg and ruff (where the fatty lump was removed) and the tasty licking treat as he slurps it off his bristly leg.

YAWD has had a rough week, White Dog and I agree he hurts and so he gets a little extra as a result...but neither of us is falling for the limp he tried out this evening.


Brian said...

Hey, extra love sure does help the healing process!

Random Felines said...

mom says it still amazes her how quickly we all bounce back from things....we know he will be back to his normal in no time!