July 24, 2014

White Dog said, "one of the most amazing things about our Blog Family is that although most of us never meet in the fur or flesh, we are there for each other in the most caring and magical ways." I stroked her side and nodded. "Remember when YoYoMa joined the White Dog Army?" she asked. "Well, kinda," I teased. It was May, 2011. "No, really, and Mesa, Baily, and Big Carl put him up for a couple of days and fixed the vet stuff that was screwed up in California so he could fly and got him to the airport?" "Yep, the family at Dog Is God In Reverse was awesome!"

"And when he landed in Arizona he was met by Lacey, Comet and Blu's mom, who drove him to meet us." (We have not met Sunny, Comet's new sister and miss our friend Blu who crossed the Rainbow Bridge).  "But we had the honor of meeting Comet and mom before; they came to meet and celebrate with us when we picked up Quinn from Prinnie and her family."

"True, but my point is that this is a wonderful world we are part of..." "You are so right Little White Dog of My Heart. You are SO right."

Throw Back Thursday: YoYoMa's Journey Home
Yo and Big Carl chillin' in in Hollywood, CA. Big Carl now lives in Alaska
Yo standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ, just like the song.
Meeting our boy for the first time in Winslow.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Yes, it is a wonderful world.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I have said it so many times before and will do so again I am sure . Bloggers are the best and we all stick together and help each other whenever we can . Just the best community ever.

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy mates, yep we agree. Our furriends in Blogville are absolutely the best and we are so glad we found you all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Jeanne Pursell said...

What a wonderful story! Blogville is the best...truly awesome!! I must apologize because I don't know what happened but your blog disappeared off my feed! So, please accept my apology for not visiting lately!! Weird things happen on Blogger...xo

Brian said...

We sure agree! The blogging community is totally amazing and it filled with such loving hearts!