July 5, 2014

White Dog's upbringing allows her to upstage the others with an inside joke. She did so this afternoon as we made our way to the door leaving for Santa Fe and tonight's opera.

"woo-woo-woowoo-woo...woo-woowoo-woowoo" she sang.

I stopped and swept her up in my arms. "White Dog, you are a hoot! You know just what to say sometimes." The others looked confused.

Steve handed out final pets and explained. "Tonight's opera is Carmen. It is one of the most famous operas there is. What your sister just sang was the opening bars of the most recognizable aria in all of opera. It is called The Toreador Song. Momma really found White Dog's comment funny because the first time she ever heard it was as a very young pup watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons." The White Dog Army looked more bewildered not less.

I handed out treats and promised to play the aria for them at a later date. Then we headed out.

Our pre-Opera Tailgate Feast turned into an in-car picnic. Strong rain began shortly after we arrived and continued until just before the performance began. It did not diminish the delight of smoked salmon mixed with cream cheese, chives, and capers smeared on crunchy bagel chips...or Spanakopita, cheesy spinach wrapped in filo...or slow roasted turkey, avocado and tomato wrapped in fresh cooked tortillas...or peaches and cheesecake. Thanks to Pumpkin's spacious interior, we were able to spread out quite comfortably.

The best part of the clever and well produced performance, from the WDA point of view, was the leftover turkey wraps and cheesecake...which they got to share after thoroughly scolding us about the lateness of the hour (it was after 12:30am when we got home)...and Steve's promise of a sleep-in, special breakfast Sunday.

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