July 6, 2014

White Dog supervised lazy Sunday breakfast from the couch pillow. The rest of the White Dog Army was not quite so laid back or certain that Steve would actually BRING their meals to them. They, with the exception of my constant companion, Bella, sat smack dab in the middle of the kitchen...waiting and watching intently.

Steve did not let them down and served up fluffy spinach, bacon and cream cheese omelettes to rave reviews. Most of the WDA was even brave enough to take a nibble of the Moroccan Olive Spice bread Steve had griddled in olive oil. Taiko found it tasty enough to try to steal the rest of Steve's slice!

After, we planned to head to the park but discovered the heat was oppressive and muggy.  Monsoon season has hit us in earnest these past few days and it looked like we were in for afternoon rain. The WDA voted to postpone the trip in favor of indoor cool air fun that protected Puff and Sachi from breathing stress (neither do well in high heat and humidity). New Mexico and other areas across the Southwest U.S. are affected by the North American Monsoon System (NAMS) every summer, and the “Monsoon Season” is designated as the period lasting from June 15th through September 30th. It clouds up and rains briefly almost every day and just as fast, it disappears. By nightfall the ground is usually dry and signs of the monsoons gone.

Instead, the boys and Puff helped Steve putty and prime coat the office wall recently laid bare when we moved a wardrobe out of the room. Soon it will hold photos of the White Dog Angels and a few shelves. Bella and White Dog joined my team to sort through things that rested on shelves that needed to be removed because my new printer is MUCH taller than my old one. These shelves will be reused on the wall the boys worked on. White Dog laughed when Bella, who is six, could not identify a floppy disk. "Guess these can go for sure, momma," WD concluded. I looked through them; most were from ancient projects or applications. None of our computers even has a floppy drive. "Out they go," I agreed.

In the other room, I heard the boys giggling and Steve came out to the front room wearing a big smear of primer across his khakis and leg. I started to ask but immediately saw that Sachi was in his arms. The Little Tyrant had paint on the side of his face. "Grabbed the brush right out of my hand," Steve explained as he plopped the Littlest One in the kitchen sink.

"Maybe the babygate is a good idea," Bella suggested. "Just seems like asking for trouble with that much testosterone in one small room." "Puff will keep them in line," WD replied but she was stopped by Still Another White Dog who said, "I am coming out here. Those boys are going to get my furs FULL of dog knows what!"

Of course once the gate went up, we had the pleasure of the boys' company. It was a good thing we were nearly finished because suddenly all of the decision making became a long debate. "But maybe this is valuable," YoYoMa said of a diskette holder filled with multicolored disks. "Maybe we can donate these programs to somebody," Taiko said. "Look guys," WD cut short the debate. "This is useless stuff. NOBODY can use these programs who even has a computer to read them? And if you want, Yo, Puff can string those diskettes into a hippie rainbow geek necklace for you cuz that is about ALL they are good for."

I put the last of the sorting on the "Dispose Of" pile. "There, all done. now who is ready for some duck jerky?"


Random Felines said...

mom wonders if the WDA would like to help her get organized :)

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I also could use some of your organisation. I think we are having some of the monsoon weather as it has been torrential at times here but also very muggy.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I hear the word duck jerkey, and I am on my way to your house!

meowmeowmans said...

You all have some great ideas, WDA! The baby gate, the organizing, the duck jerky... :)

Hugs to you all!