July 7, 2014

White Dog yawned and said, "Let's just call this Monsoon Monday and turn the fan so it blows over me a little more." It was rainy and muggy and no one wanted to do much of anything but snack and nap.
We noticed Michael's metal water bottle before we noticed him limping as he came in. It had a new deep dent at its rim. It looked, to quote Bella, "like it had been run over by a bus." Suddenly the White Dog Army was on alert. "Why are you limping," I asked trying not to sound overly concerned. "Maybe a better question would be why is he dripping blood on the carpet," Taiko suggested and pressed against his buddy. The WDA clustered around to inspect and make a diagnosis. Steve waded into the consultants and held out Michael's elbow, raw, badly scraped and bleeding.

"This is the worst day ever!" Michael started. He pulled up his pants leg, his knee was also skinned and bloody. So was his left palm and wrist. He was going to hurt later and the bruises will be very colorful. I ventured a guess..."Did you fall?"

"It wasn't my fault!" Steve put on a calming voice as he went for first aid materials. "It isn't about fault, we are just trying to find out what happened." The WDA pressed, moving him to the couch where he sat down.

"With the stupid rain I didn't seen the place where the sidewalk was all pushed up. My glasses were full of raindrops. So I stepped on the pushed up part and it moved and I fell over and now it hurts to walk and I am all bloody and I'll probably get an infection and I hope I do not need to go to the hospital and spend all day."

White Dog and Sachi, now sitting on either side of him, applied Eskie sympathy with gentle licks. YoYoMa came over and sat, asking me if I was sure Michael was going to be OK. I nodded and stroked his ears. 

"First we need to wash and clean up all the scrapes." Steve told him. We will just use soap and water to start with." They went into the bathroom where Steve helped him; Taiko, Puff and Sachi crowded into the doorway supervising.

I heard Steve go to the linen closet for antiseptic cream and gauze (the elbow bangup was too big for a band-aid). In a while they came out, followed by their nursing team. Michael sported gauze wraps on his knee and elbow and our largest band-aid on the pad of his palm. 

The ankle was twisted but not swollen but I am certain will be a reminder of the tumble for a couple of days. With instructions to keep the cuts clean and some aspirin, the WDA sent Michael down to his room to rest.

"Whew!" White Dog said sitting on the watching chair looking at the once-again rain. "Such drama on such a lackluster day. I think WE all need some noms and a nap, too."


Random Felines said...

poor Michael - those darned sidewalks can be sneaky

Brian said...

We hope you are all healed up really soon Michael.

meowmeowmans said...

Poor Michael. We are sorry that this happened, and hope you are all better very soon.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh my gosh-- how awful for Michael to fall! We hope he is better soon.

Jo's World said...

Hi White Dogs and parents!

You can tell Michael this old lady took a header to the ground and wound up pretty sore too. Aint no fun at all and I hope he will get healed up fast!

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Ours is temporarily stellabella914@gmail.com

Cheers and hugs all around,