August 17, 2014

White Dog barked the Song of Greeting as we heard an unfamiliar voice at the yard gate as we sat out on the deck. "They are here! They are FINALLY here!" she sang and all of the White Dog Army rushed the gate as Steve opened it to reveal that WD was, indeed, correct.

It was Candace, and Skye and Daisy come to stay with us for a while as they got settled in their new hometown and became established. We were overjoyed to see them all; hugs and nuzzles were exchanged...along with a huge sigh of relief.

They had encountered problems with the rental car they used to get here and were stranded in Texas overnight as the rental agency worked things out and got them a new vehicle. They were as glad to be here as we were happy that they had "landed" safely.

Skye and Daisy came into the yard and met the White Dog Army. Both girls are well mannered cuties and the Army instantly accepted and liked them. All are getting along famously. In fact, our Little Man, Sachi, may just have found a special girlfriend in Daisy.

Our lovestruck boy follows her around and stares at her with moony eyes as they rest side-by-side. Candace came in from the Studio to ask if it was ok for Sachi to "visit" and hang out with Daisy in her kennel.

Skye and our Bella have dashed around exploring the yard. Skye loves the big space right outside her side door...and in the small courtyard at the front of the Studio, Candace has set up a nice private sun basking area for the girls. They can watch the neighborhood action through the gate and relax under the shade of the pinon tree.

The melding of families is going smoothly and we love having two more White Dogs in the Army. Join us in welcoming our new family and in wishing them great luck as they start the process of becoming Residents of Burque!
Skye with her back to the camera, tries to get down to continue exploring the gazebo. Daisy coyly ignores Sachi, the suitor, waiting for Candace to put his sweetheart down so that he can continue to "show her the best spots."


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Welcome to your new home. I love the photo,s showing such smiles and love. I know you will be happy in your stay. I would love one day to meet the fabulous army. X

ra husky said...

Welcome, welcome, special huskerboo wooooos and wooofs, play bows,


Random Felines said...

Welcome ladies....we send you lots of purrs on your new journey!

meowmeowmans said...

Welcome, Candace, Skye and Daisy. You couldn't have found a more wonderful place, with a more wonderful, loving family. :)

haopee said...

Oh, Candace!!! This is Candace. Cool. Hello Skye. Hello Daisy. It's nice meeting all three of you. We hope you enjoy your stay at the white dog ranch.