August 18, 2014

White Dog batted the charging Little One back and exclaimed, "SEVEN pounds! She weighs SEVEN pounds! Oh momma, she is going to weigh more than me in no time!"

Szofia had just returned from meeting Dr. Julia, our vet, and getting her first puppy shots. Our vet came breezing into the exam room and then did a double-take. "She;'s not white!" Dr. Julia exclaimed. I looked at Steve and winked..."THIS is why we go to the best vet in the world...nothing gets by her!"

But she got a chance to turn the tables and laugh as Zsofia grabbed my shirt collar and started to tug. "Why is it that you decided you needed a puppy?" Dr. Julia chuckled. "Seems the Universe thought I wasn't reminded of my age enough," was my response. ""She'll be a handful but you guys will raise a wonderful girl."

"She's a SIBE, from all reports that challenge doesn't end at adulthood." Dr. Julia nodded, "Had several. They are great companions as long as you train, train, train...starting now. And you have a houseful of stubborn white dogs, Zsofia will not throw anything at you that you have not experienced...only at a little bigger scale."

Zsofia received a clean bill of health, her new puppy pack, and a belly rub from our great vet. She needs to return in 3 weeks for round two of shots and we were warned to keep her away from places where other dogs socialize until she is through with her shots. "Don't want her to pick anything up until she is fully protected. In the meantime," Dr. Julia said lifting my hand filled with the cuts and bites of over rambunctious puppy play, "those teeth are needle sharp and will be for a while so take care not to get infected."

We returned home expecting Zsofia to be sleepy from the shots and activity. Instead she was a hellion leaping on her siblings and demanding them to play. Poor Puff was tortured down the hall until she escaped out of the dog door.

Steve had to go into the office for a brief teleconference. "Everyone at work is dying to meet our new girl," he told the WDA, "how about I take her with me since it is just a short time and you can all have a break?" Wagging tails of gratitude greeted him.

Of course, everyone at school thought she was the sweetest, best behaved, adorable pup ever...not the Psycho Puppy of the White Dog Army...but isn't that always the way?


rottrover said...

When Otto came to our house, Sue at the Protugese WaterBlog suggested that I create a safe space for the older dogs. I did, and Bart and Ruby have thanked me ever since!!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Don't believe THAT Vet Lady -


PeePeeEssWoo: She is such a doll and woo are going to have such 'fun'!

Jeanne Pursell said...

This is so exciting! What an adorable pup!! A HUSKY pup!! I think my vet would do a double take if I walked in with anything other than a white dog!! Bet this little one will be growing fast!!

Sagira said...

OMD! I didn't know you got a puppy. HOW CUTE! You just wanted a pup like me huh? BOL. Congrats ADORABLE!

Sherri Painter said...

Oh...the power of a Sibe puppy...the energy, the biting, the endless energy! LOL! What Khyra said....

The Painter Pack

Random Felines said...

wow - nothing gets by Dr Julia :)

of course she was good at work... mom says the kittens here do the same thing when they are out and about and save their bratty behavior for home

ra husky said...

And exercise! Training and exercise, we huskerboos LOVE exercise...and raw salmon, did I mention that?? We huskerbgoos LOVE salmon too!


haopee said...

But she's not white!!! Oh, so epic!