August 19, 2014

White Dog hopped back on the bed. "It is just pathetic," she mumbled and nested in the empty spot next to me. "When I die, it will be from embarrassment caused by one or another of my White Dog brothers or sisters." I was still half asleep and drew her close to me for snuggling; soon we were both dozing...

...Only to be awakened by the joyful song of Skye and Daisy taking their morning business break in the yard. Sachi went flying by the bed and was out of the dog door in just three bounds (no small feat for such a little legs).

Later, as I was saying WDA good mornings, Steve filled me in.

Sachi gets up early with Steve to supervise his schoolwork. But today when Steve looked around his partner was no where to be found. Steve DID find him, sitting outside the Studio door, forlornly waiting for the blinds to be opened and his girlfriend to appear. Every so often he would scratch at the door and then sigh. Steve wanted to capture the moment but thought of the inappropriate possibility of photographing the door and having Candace step out to feel her privacy violated.

The funny thing is later Candace mentioned that SHE had tried to snap a picture of poor Sachi's silhouette against the blinds but could not get a good shot. The world loves a lover, right?

Our boy is quite smitten with both girls but Daisy is his Special Girl. When they come inside the big house to visit he jumps up and sits on the couch between them. And just to let the world know she is HIS sweetie, he has marked their doorway and every single spot Daisy has gone to in the yard.

Tonight YoYoMa asked if I wanted him, our resident Stud Muffin, to take Sachi aside and give him some tips on not being so head over heels obvious. "No," I told my confident Big Boy, "let your little bro march to the beat of his own heart. He seems to be doing fine."


Random Felines said...

Oh Sachi....we hope she notices you...eventually :)

meowmeowmans said...

Is it unrequited? Or does Daisy notice Sachi, too? :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

i have a feeling its all going to work out and be perfect!

haopee said...

Oh Sachi, you're such a lover boy. It's adorable that you were waiting for Miss Daisy every morning.

It's just so cute.

Little Reufus said...

O Sachi, the fings we deu for love!!! Good luck, my friend!

Little Reufus