August 30, 2014

White Dog sighed contentedly. Here in Albuquerque we have hit that perfect time of year...the temperatures are warm but not scorching...the afternoons tawny gold with long shadows...deep relaxing sleep comes under open windows and slowly rotating fans. It is a time of slow and easy as we all linger to savor what we know are the signs of Summer sliding into Autumn.

The WDA has settled into a kind of new routine that embraces the addition of Zsofia and our extended family of Candace, Skye and Daisy. We have a bigger crowd at treat time but everyone is getting along famously. And we humans appreciate the extra help Candace offers in household chores and in raising the "baby."

We are learning to put chewable things and things that need protection UP, although already it is clear that the bar of how high "UP" is is one that is going to be raised LOTS in the next months. "NO Bite!" and "LEAVE IT!" are the human songs of the season...but so is "Thank you" and "I love you."

Sachi and his lady love, Daisy have developed habits that bring a smile. He stands between the little white girl and the Psycho Sibe who thinks everyone wants to play wrestle. He feels free enough to just wander into Daisy's space and wait for her on their bed if she is out in the yard. He jumps into Candace's arms as readily as he does ours...even though she is perpetually trying to tease a small knot out from behind his ear.

Life is good at White Dog Ranch as the season prepares to change. We hope you and your families take time this weekend to enjoy each other and celebrate the simple things...that is what we plan to do.


Brian said...

It sure is hard to believe that summer is all done. Happy No Labor Labor Day everyone!

rottrover said...

Long ago, we had a rescue Sibe who would climb up on the kitchen counter to steal cookies (human) from the top of the refrigerator. Just sayin'...

Have a lovely day. I know the kind of day and light that you're talking about, though we'll have to wait another couple of weeks for it. Sending love to the WDA and extended pack!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

ra husky said...

Love an woooos mates! Enjoy your fall, can't wait till christmas BOL!!


Little Reufus said...

There is nothing better than a great big happy and loving family!!!

Happy Labor Day!!!

wif lubbs from Little Reufus and the Mom