August 31, 2014

White Dog and The White Dog Army spent Sunday supervising the "baby proofing" the deck and backyard. Zsofia has not quite figured out the magical portal that is the dog door but more and more I notice her studying the comings and goings of the others. It will not be long before the baby pushes against the flap and discovers that it allows her passage. Then there will be no containing her just in the house...or outside on a leash with constant supervision.

She is already nearly the same size and weight as Sachi so my fears about her smallness are vanishing. Zsofia, however, doesn't have the sense or honed routine that he has when it comes to appropriate behaviors so I still worry about the trouble she may find as her world expands to include the space enclosed by our block-walled yard and double gates.

Thanks to the White Dog Army, with the help of Candace and Steve, we are now reassured that our rapidly growing Psycho Sibe is not going to be able to dig under the gates and has no access to the dark nether reaches under the deck where serious spiders and other not friendly beasties may lurk.

Of course, the Sytem has only been WDA tested; the baby was too interested in chasing flies to show much interest in the new underdeck barrier, aka Chicken Wire.

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Random Felines said...

great job baby proofing - it is always a challenge :)