August 4, 2014

White Dog and Puff rode with Steve to pick up carryout dinner. When the team all came in just after 7pm, deck extension completed, they were gungho to fire up the grill and make dinner on the new space. But then they sat down to catch their breaths and drink water...sighs of relief filled the house. And inertia took control.

"Um," Steve asked as he rubbed at the calluses on his hands and flexed his shoeless feet, "can we reconsider the dinner thing?" I laughed and handed him the menu I had ready on the side of my chair.

The White Supervisors were exhausted, too. It was a full day of running up and down the ramp to test each new tile as it was set in place. Then there was the helping to push sand into the spaces between pavers. And they had to march around on the extension to make sure all the pieces were even and did not wobble. Finally, the wilted nearly dead butterfly bush that I made Steve rescue from the Big Box Store had to be lovingly planted in real soil and nurtured with appropriate water and compost. The White Dog Army was too tired to jump up and down as Steve prepared their meals.

"Thought of you guys, too," I told them and showed them the large bowl of raw duck patties that I had defrosted for their dinners. "Tonight you get to live it up a bit...for all of your hard work!" To Steve, I added, "And you don't need to make pup dinners.

"Bless you, woman!" was his response. There was no response from the WDA, they had each managed to find their bowl and had faces buried in the joy of their favorite taste.

Here are a few photos of the day's efforts:
Down the ramp. "This way," Sachi says.
Look what's new!
Isn't this awesome? There's momma's rescue bush; dad says we cannot help with its "watering"!


Jeanne Pursell said...

Awesome indeed!! Good work by all involved!! Bet they loved their "take out" dinners!!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

It's looking lovely and all that helping must of tired everyone out. Glad you decided on take out and treats x

Amber DaWeenie said...

Very, very nice! BUTT, I don't understand why they won't let you help with the watering... ??

Random Felines said...

great job!! we like that landing (and hope the bush survives the WDA)

Brian said...

Y'all sure done good, even without watering!

bbes tribe said...

Nice!! Always good to finish up a project :-);; bet the butterfly bush will be beautiful. Too bad tho you aren't supposed to help water it...that is one of our best tricks. Heehee
Tail wags
Ernie Chica Lucas rosie and baby Louie

Agnes B. Bullock said...

What a wonderful job!