August 5, 2014

White Dog crawled up next to me. "Don't go out there, momma. It isn't pretty." We were all in the office when we heard Michael yelling. A quick headcount revealed Taiko was not among us. Then we heard his low serious growl; Steve jumped up and ran into the kitchen.
Mantequilla is not funny, Dad! I am feeling sort of topsy-turvey!
Seems Michael had dropped a full stick of wrapped butter as he was attempting to make his lunch for tomorrow and Taiko got to it first. He, of course, didn't even look up at Michael's demand to "Drop It!" and instead scampered around the kitchen floor trying to eat the butter, wrapper and all. Michael chased after him yelling.  In his excitement Taiko kept dropping the stick, smearing the floor as he pushed at it and then regrabbed it. Michael was trying to break off chunks from his mouth. That is when Steve arrived.

"You are going to get bitten if you keep trying to take that," Steve warned Michael off as he grabbed Taiko and lifted him off of the floor. Startled, Tai dropped the small piece still in his mouth and squirmed to get down. Steve carried him into the living room and gently pulled a strip of the wrapped out of his mouth.

Sachi scooted by and hurried into the kitchen where he began to lick the slippery floor. "Don't let him do that," Steve told Michael. "Pick him up!" Steve pulled the baby gate across the doorway and held out his arms for the Little Man. Michael took a step forward to hand him over and slipped, landing on his knees. Sachi was removed from the kitchen which was now dog free and ready for cleanup.

Michael was still hopping mad...first that he was now "short" a stick of butter from his groceries...that Taiko had "betrayed" him...and that Sachi had caused him to fall. Taiko from the other side of the gate barked HIS anger at losing part of his prize. Sachi was attempting to dig his way under the gate. I heard Steve's sigh.

"Everything all right out there?" I called. White Dog went out to see what was going on. "Just have a little cleanup to do," Steve replied. I heard him send Michael off to shower and get ready for bed.

A while later Steve and his supervisor, Puff, returned to the office and filled Yo, Bella and I in on the Great Butter Off. "Doggone it!" Yo moaned, "I miss out on all of the fun." I touched his neck. "I mean I could have run interference." Bella thought Steve might be on to something with the idea of changing Taiko's name to "Mantequilla" ("butter" in Spanish)...she and Puff giggled over that for quite awhile.

No one thought it was funny a couple of hours later when Taiko began vomiting. First, on his bed. On the round bed next (which happened to be empty). Then in the hall. Next, the toy basket. He refused to go outside...until he had emptied himself all over the bedroom and hall.

We all sighed this time...turning on lights and looking at the clock. There was no getting angry at Tai who leaned against my legs, head hung over my arm absolutely green. The rest of the WDA rushed to sniff and assess the situation.Steve stroked his ears as he went into the kitchen for cleanup supplies and to deposit toys, blankets, and dog beds into the washer. "I understand, Handsome, you kind of remind me of my frat days."

Anyone walking past our house at 2am might have wondered about the sound of the carpet shampooer going full speed...but the WDA? Once they were sure that Taiko was all right and that Steve was NOT going to let them help by ingestion...they all went back to their sleeping spots and turned their backs on the action...and were soon asleep.

And me? I did what momma's always do when their baby boys (and girls) overindulge...I held Tai in my arms like a baby, stroking his head and whispering soft cooing love.


Jeanne Pursell said...

Oh how I can relate to this post...we feel so bad for them when they aren't feeling well...regardless if they were getting into trouble. Sure hope things are better today!

Amber DaWeenie said...

OMD.....There is NEVER a dull moment at your house with Eskies around!


Random Felines said...

no fun for anyone....

Brian said...

That sounds like something that us cats would do too.

meowmeowmans said...

Oh my. Poor everyone! We send purrs, prayers and peace to you today ... you all deserve it!

bbes tribe said...

We have had a few of those "adventures" in our home too. You write so clearly about it, we almost can see it. We have been missing from blogville and missed a lot. Catching up now.
Ernie Chica Lucas Rosie and baby Louie