September 11, 2014

White Dog sighed. "I remember that funny car of dad's," she said. "I loved the fold-down back seats that ran along the sides of the vehicle from front to back. It left LOTS of room for me to pack stuff AND I could look out all of the windows. Please can we show a photo of it for Throw Back Thursday?"

When we first moved to Albuquerque, Steve found and fell in love with a 1967 Nissan Patrol. A funky off-road vehicle made in the likeness of those old rugged REALLY meant to go back country movers. It was not by any means comfortable but you could wade 18" streams with no fear.

Only a few thousand were ever imported to this country and it turned out that New Mexico had more than its share. LOTS still exist in Australia and areas with true badlands. Steve formed a Patrol Car Club with locals and with the help of the internet, the club grew international.

White Dog and Steve loved the adventure and no-frills ride that left me bone shaken and blistered from accidently resting my calf against the sheet metal chute that directed engine heat into the cabin. This "Interior Heater" was controlled by opening the little oven hatch at your leg level for "On" and closing it for "Off." Never mind that the duct was ALWAYS scorching. It always reminded me in riding in a WWII ambulance.

Sadly for White Dog and Steve, they sold the car several years ago as our family grew and driveway space became a premium. But they both still sigh when they see old photos...filled with roguish memories.

(And yes, that WAS the color of our home when we first moved in...before external insulation and restucco. And my Studio was still a one car garage...Throw Back, bonus!)


ra husky said...

Adventures:) it's good to remember.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I like that white car too