September 12, 2014

White Dog hopped up on the bed. YoYoMa settled to the ground next to Steve's side of the bed with a sigh. Taiko was already asleep on his mattress with his backed turned to the rest of us in the room. Puff pushed and pulled the blanket on the round bed until it formed a nest that just fit her body; then she settled in. Sachi was finding a comfy spot in the cool bathroom. Bella sat in my arms.

"Is it just me, momma," she said, "or does everything suddenly seem to take MUCH longer since she came along?" Bella gestured with her head at Zsofia nonchalantly gnawing at the wires of her crate.

"Puppies don't always understand efficiency or the need to get things done," I explained to my shyest one. "Everything is a game and our baby is just exploring routines that are old hat to you and the others of the White Dog Army."

This evening we had to gather materials and pack up Pumpkin for the Paws To People booth at Saturday's Bark in the Park. As is our routine we had a checklist and built a stack of items in the lving room as we pulled the needed bits and pieces from where they are stored throughout the house and storage shed. Normally we have WDA supervisors who double-check the list and others who review the materials themselves. Things go seamlessly as Steve moves everything out in an organized orderly fashion from living room to van.

Zsofia was fascinated with every aspect of the procedure, following Steve's every move. Once an item was deposited in the living room, there was the Zsofia factor of trying to eat or climb on or drag away each item.

When finally all was collected and inventoried, White Dog pointed out that our system would need to be modified. We could not leave the front doors open as Steve loaded the van, the baby would be out the door in a heartbeart racing to explore areas she has not yet even seen (since she has not finished her puppy shots she has been under house arrest with access only to the house and yard; soon that will change). It did not make sense to move the entire stack to the front porch, close the inside door and then move the stuff again to the car. Steve was already battling a bad back strained earlier in the week.

YoYoMa sat down and in that action solved the problem. He was accidentally resting on Zsofia's drag lead...she could not move beyond the 6' of its length. I cupped My Boy's face in my hands. "You are a genius!"

Zsofia did not think so as she woo'd and sang about her abuse as I held her lead preventing her from following Steve outside. In a matter of minutes, Steve's task was done, night treats delivered, and everyone headed for bed.


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Were there is a will there is a way was my mums motto. I hope Steve,s back feels better son x

Brian said...

A puppy's work is never done!!!

Random Felines said...

it is interesting to have to rethink daily processes to integrate a very young newbie

meowmeowmans said...

We agree with Random Felines. It's so interesting how a new, younger family member makes everything (need to be) new. :)