September 19, 2014

White Dog had her face in her bowl like the others but she managed to lift her muzzle and shout to YoYoMa who was in the kitchen, "Great celebration breakfast, Yo! What a marvelous way to start the day."

Before Puff's surgery, YoYoMa had promised her a no-holds-barred celebration meal apres lump removal...and he was making good on his word. Yo and Steve, along with usual kitchen helpers Sachi and Taiko, had decided to wait until the morning after the vet visit, just to be certain Puff was up to celebrating with food. She was. And they delivered...

There was bacon and turkey meatballs, blueberry buckwheat pancakes, eggs scrambled with broccoli and carrots and zucchini...and Puff's favorite, sauteed apples with honey and cinnamon tossed with yogurt. The boyz prepared a feast fit for the Princess our Puff is.

It was a beautiful Autumn day and after post-breakfast naps everyone went to the yard to run a bit and help Zsofia practice her agility jumps. Steve decided that our bundle of energy would do well leaping and hopping and running in some gentle agility lessons that also allowed them to practice basic skills, like "come!" and "drop it!"

Puff smiled and wagged the entire day. She rested at my feet and held my foot with her paw as I stroked her head and told her how VERY glad we all were that she was recovering so quickly and that surgery went so well. "You are the matriarch of the WDA," I told her. "It is a VERY important role. You are much needed and so loved." YoYoMa snuggled in beside us and pressed his hip against her. His simple body language confirmed what I had just said.


Brian said...

Keep smiling and wagging pretty Puff!

KB Bear said...

I'm so happy that Puff's surgery went so well. It sounds as if the entire pack is happy. :)