September 20, 2014

White Dog and rest of the White Dog Army were not crazy about being rousted from last bits of early morning gauzy half-sleep-half-wakefulness. Well, most of the WDA...Zsofia when released from the kennel (baby jail) where she still sleeps at night made a mad dash around the bedroom knocking against all of the others and then leaped out of the dog door to continue her romp in the early morning splendor of the backyard.

A new quarter started at school this week and Steve's schedule has once again thrown us all into the tumble of getting adjusted to a new routine. On the bright side, the WDA has its favorite "Fridays-Are-Saturdays" once again; somehow "Monday-Is-Saturday" never caught on.

There are only two late nights instead of three...Monday and Wednesday...but those days are still very long with Steve not returning home until after 11pm. For Taiko especially this long day is a true test for his patience.

However, Steve now teaches for a full day on Saturday. This means he must be at class at 8am and finishes at a bit after six. That is why we were moaning and prying open our eyes enough to eat a quick-no fuss breakfast at 6:30 in the morning.

The good news for the WDA is that when Steve scrambles out of the house at 7:30 to get to his students, we all can settle in for a civilized "it is too early to be up" nap...until Michael comes up at 9am to head off to the Museum and volunteering.

By the time Taiko, our late sleeper, shakes out his sleepy head furs, it is usually close to noon so the countdown for Steve's return does not seem so bad...after all there is afternoon duck jerky, post snack napping, a visit from Skye and Daisy...then voila! Steve is pulling into the drive.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Random Felines said...

so much change....at least the momma is there for you all the time :)

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Barrie feels much the same when I am at work on shifts and says the days are so long. You seem to have it under control with napping and snacking. That makes it easier.