September 26, 2014

White Dog had her clipboard and was making notes. "What are you doing," I asked as I leaned to peer over her shoulder. "Making some changes," she replied distractedly so I knew to let her finish before questioning further.

Finally she set the work aside and sighed contentedly. "I think that will work," she said. I raised an eyebrow.

"Well, you know that Sachi now that he and Zsofia are wrestling all of the time sometimes falls into his own puppy fits and forgets his manners. Dad told me the Little Man has made a game of walking on Taiko's heels during the bedtime walks and is nipping poor Taiko's flanks. It makes the walk annoying for our Tender Boy. Also, now that Zsofia is going out for power walks with Yo during the day there is no reason she should not be included in the bedtime walk routine. So I have just been working on the walk pairings and rearranging things," White Dog explained.

"And you have a final order?" I asked.

"One that I think will work pretty well," my Planner responded. "Puff  really only likes a short walk to the end of the drive these days; it is usually late and she just runs out of steam. So for now on, She gets to have her own time with Dad as they take a stroll to wish on the stars and then come in.

"Bella has always been very nice going on shorter walks with Puff but I think pairing her with Sachi will allow her to go farther and she will not tolerate her brother's bad behavior. Plus they are nearly the same size so they should be a good match. Both need more walking.

"Taiko will be a little challenged to stretch his legs instead of strolling like he did with Sachi, but I think if he night walks with Zsofia it will slow her down to a pre-bed pace. You tell me that both are matched well in their hearts, so this will be a good bonding time for them.

"And of course, YoYoMa and I will continue to end the evening and walk together. He and I use that time to bounce ideas off of each other and I do not want to give that up. Beside, he gets to do his fast and furious thing now with Zsofia earlier in the day."

"It seems like a well-thought out plan," I commended her. "I am certain dad will agree. we can start the new pairings tomorrow night. Now, it is late; let's go to bed."

At the word bed, the White Dog Army heard "final treats" and gathered around.


Brian said...

Sounds wise, very wise!

Random Felines said...

very good idea...we can't wait to hear how the new order works out