September 27, 2014

White Dog was helping me group and assemble the things we will need to take with us tomorrow for the My Dog & Me Diabetes Awareness Sunday afternoon that Paws To People is sponsoring in the Park. "It is surprising momma," she said as we boxed and checked items off of my list, "how many people don't even know that dogs and cats can get diabetes." "Or that it is a rising epidemic, just like it is in people," Puff added as she read the literature sitting on the floor.

"I know," White Dog said excitedly. "Let's share the awareness with our blog community. They can play the Facts Game along with everyone who comes to the Park!" "Great idea!" Puff agreed. The rest of the White Dogs quickly concurred.

So here are the questions. All of those who correctly complete the game will go into a drawing to win a bag of Fat Cat or Fat Dog low-calorie pup or kitty food by Natural Balance and a copy of the excellent book, Zoobiquity...and maybe a healthy treat or two.  Test what you know!


Brian said...

That is so cool and a great way to raise awareness!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Yes a great way to raise awareness. A friend of mine had a dog who was diabetic. The vet was able to prolong his life for many years with injections and care until he passed away last year. He did though have great quality of life once diagnosed.

Random Felines said...

what a great way to give back... our Angel Butterscotch was diagnosed when he was alive and thankfully was very good about the injections. and we got very lucky in that his seemed to be "cured" after several months.

meowmeowmans said...

That's such a great way to give back, and to raise awareness. We've had kitties who were diabetic, and have human pals who are diabetic. Knowledge is power, isn't it?