October 12, 2014

White Dog hinted loudly that THIS might be a good day to start a week-long string of Spa Days for the White Dog Army. Sachi has been rather indiscreet in his personal grooming. Taiko's belly furs are actually grey from lying in the dirt in the yard. Puff always loves the opportunity to bathe and the warmth of blow drying. Bella likes the being wrapped-in-a-towel-after part when she cuddles in the warm fluffiness. And the baby, Zsofia has yet to experience the joy of bathtub fun...plus she was pretty stinky.

WD and YoYoMa visit our friend, Scot, for grooming so they had the unique fun of helping to choose who was to start the week. After huddling and conferring, it was determined that today Sachi would go first in hopes of ending his "gross displays" as WD put it. Zsofia would get her chance after. The rest will get their turns later in the week.

Mind you, these are "after" photos because Steve feared for the waterproofness of his cell and also had his hands quite full, especially with Zsofia, as he attempted to maintain calm relaxed order in the closed tight bath. hahahahahaha

And the drying off video...

Seconds before Zsofia jumped down and showered us all with a series of huge shakes. Then zoomies.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

And soon everyone had sprinkles of the wonderful bath time!! It was meant to be shared!

meowmeowmans said...

Shakes and zoomies ... what a nice way to finish up after a spa treatment, Zsofia. :)