October 21, 2014

White Dog sighed for the four millionth time and then jumped down. "Stop, momma! There is no easy solution here. We are under virus attack." And so we were, of course it was Steve's late night and it was thunder storming to boot. But the weather was not the culprit.

We could not access an internet connection through any of the hosts. The folders on the desktop would not open. We were in a continuous loop that asked us if we wanted to restart...and when we did, we were asked again. Arrrrgggghhhh. AND not only was it Steve's late night but he is the middle of a final class project for his MBA due this coming weekend and really had no time to spare fussing with computer demons.

Of course, all our work lives inside the electronic box. Plus we need to keep contact with our Blog and FB friends. Plus plus I do most of my Paws To People work via computer. Did I say Arrrrrrgggggghhhhh?

This morning Steve greeted me, with the fact that he had taken the time to fuss with my computer, including a restore of System 8.1 back to October 9 and that things seemed to be working now. White Dog and I showered him with kisses of gratitude...and the others joined in just because they all love kisses and cuddles.

So here in brief synopsis is what you all missed:

Sunday was dreary and drizzly. the White Dog Army was bummed because they had been promised a trip to the Park. NOW all that they could do was play inside games, drill and practice skills...and oh yeah, eat treats...
Monday we were invaded by computer demons AND thunder storms. We all huddled together and wished for Steve to come home and for the miserable day to be over.
Today Steve, our hero, conquered the beasts living in my machine and we are once again connected to the world. The sun is out. The day filled with light and promise. The White Dog Army excitedly cheered when we noticed Bella, our shyest girl, PLAYING with a stuffie for the first time ever! She has come so far in just the past few weeks in terms of being more outgoing and less timid. Her Gotcha Day is approaching in just two weeks and we are thrilled at this progress.
Paws crossed all is now fixed with the computer and we will be back to visiting and daily blogging.

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meowmeowmans said...

Thank goodness for Steve being able to fix the computer. And we are delighted that Bella is doing so well (and playing with stuffies)!