October 22, 2014

White Dog complained. "You NEVER have a camera or a cell phone at hand to capture these awesome White Dog Army moments." I started to apologize for not having a photographer's instincts but caught myself. "Really?" I replied, "Did YOU know I was about to have front row seats for the WDA Cirque de Bow Wow?"

It must have been something in the air because for a while this morning all of the White Dogs were as full of spit and hellfire as Zsofia, the baby. And EVERYBODY wanted to play. Taiko was seriously concentrating on nudging one of the twenty-five stuffies his sister had scattered across the floor. He seemed intrigued with the connection of stepping on Snakey and it making different noises.

Sachi was pacing along the backs of the two red chairs at the window, like a tightrope walker. He leaped the distance of the end table that stood between them each time. Did I mention he was barkbarking as he paced?

YoYoMa, who was lying on the sunporch, heard the mailman first and came inside spin in excited dervish circles as he called out the alarm. White Dog joined his chorus as she stood on the arm of my chair lunging cantilevered toward the door by her back toes and catching her balance just in time to haul herself back. I was certain she was going to launch herself into space.

Puff had been awakened from a deep nap by the ruckus and was moving half awake across the room when Zsofia came in at top speed, chased by Bella. Zso was loping full-out at zoomie speed and Bella was mere inches from her tail. They charged around the coffee table and I saw Puff's eyes go wide.

There was no time for her to get out of their path. Zsofia was going to crash full speed into my little old lady. I felt Puff stiffen and brace for impact....

...except it never came.

Zsofia, now 20 lbs and as tall as Taiko with LONG legs and youthful reflexes LEAPED over Puff and cleared her by an impressive distance.

Bella, my Tiniest Dancer, managed to twist herself at nearly a ninety degree angle and squeeze along the sofa--barely ruffling Puff's tail furs. Both she and Zsofia came to a skidding halt at the far end of the kitchen.

Puff continued on to the hallway.

And every dog acted as though this incredible four minutes of sensory overload happened every day with a matinee on Sunday. I realized I had been holding my breath and squeezing my hands into balls of positive energy; slowly I let out my breath and unclenched my hands.

"That was simply splendid," I told the WDA, They looked at me and yawned.

Just a quiet note of remembrance on the day after the one year anniversary of Nuka's passing. Not a day goes by that I do not miss your wiggy waggy self and my arms ache to hold you once again snuggled like an infant. I know you could not live without Quinn and I thank you for sending Bella to me to ease my pain. Forever, Nuka Angel Marie, forever Another White Dog.


24 Paws of Love said...

That sounded magical! Better than the theatre momma? I love it when it all comes together like that!!

Brian said...

That does sound like quite the show! Hugs from all of us as we all remember Angel Nuka.

Random Felines said...

((hugs)) but what a wonderful image painted about the White Dog Circus