October 28, 2014

White Dog said, "The problem is that Zsofia is just so darned BIG that you kind of forget she is still only a four-month old baby. It must be really hard for her to stay quiet around Puff and to remember not to get crazy."

We try not to think about how big Zsofia will be full grown when she pounces across the room in a single bound or leaps into Steve's lap or accidentally steps on a sibling's foot. It is hard not to think her a bully as we correct her overenthusiastic discovery that she can actually drag poor Sachi and Jupiter by their tails. So it must be truly difficult for our bundle of energy to remember that right now she is in a hospital zone.

Today she decided that Michael's empty can of of black beans from the recycle bin (which he had forgotten to wash out) was a delicious smelling treasure. She snagged it and headed for the dog door.

It was then she found out the can had magical powers...it caused Candace to come out and play chase for nearly half an hour all over the yard! With lots of shouting and woo'ing to boot! And then the entire White Dog Army came out to participate or watch the fun. This was great. Heck no, Zsofia was NOT about to give up this magic maker!

Finally, faced with the tough choice of an empty can that smelled like BEANS or a strip of DUCK JERKY, Zso made a very mature trade...and enjoyed the magic of treat envy as the entire WDA jealously watched her strut and chew.
forgive the blur of action as Zsofia protects her treasure
No! You cannot have my magic can!
I am over here! come and get it!
Wait! That's not fair! Are you holding jerky?

Puff update: Puff is eating on her own, still baby food and rice but of her own accord. Spoke with Dr. Julia who increased her prednisone dosing temporarily, approved what we had been doing, and added a second antibiotic as well as tramadol to the mix.

By dinner Puff was famished, barely coughing and allowed Steve to clean out her nostrils with warm salt water (that helped tremendously with her nasal wheezing). She is moving around a bit more but we are purposely encouraging rest. I believe we are on the road to recovery. Woohoo. The WDA seems to sense it as well and are more hopeful and "normal" as they approach her.


nancyturtle said...

We've all been waiting with crossed paws for this news!
Nancy and the Z girls.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We keep sending healing to Puff!
Rest and healing.

Angel Keisha said...

Sending love to Zsofia and Puff! {{{hugs}}}

meowmeowmans said...

Magic can or duck jerky? We think you made the right choice, Zsofia. :)

We are glad Puff seems to be doing better. We continue to send healing purrs and prayers.

24 Paws of Love said...

They just don't understand their own size and strength, do they? :) I love the shots you got of her with the magic can. They were great!!

And so glad to hear that Puff is doing better. Sorry to hear she was/is sick.