October 29, 2014

White Dog was a little jealous of all the attention her youngest recruit was getting. "When I was her age, I didn't just bring in sticks to chew, but I knew to break them in half and trade the pieces for treats. What's the big deal?"
Even as a babe, Zsofia was a master stick player; now she give the rest of the WDA lessons!
I explained that first of all, we have not had such puppy enthusiasm flooding the house in nearly ten years, when White Dog was a puppy; WD's tastes have matured. Second, I asked her to step back and take a broader perspective...her brothers and sisters mostly likely never had the chance to indulge in the sheer puppy joy of gnawing on a freshly caught stick. Those who did, I reminded, probably were eating sticks for nourishment before they were rescued from their personal horror stories. Third, I gently shared that the WDA was getting bored with being calm and nurturing nurses to Puff...not that they did not care about her, but that tending to the sick and being respectful of her need for quiet is quite demanding. A break was needed/

Stick chewing has become, thanks to Zsofia's tutelage, the new WDA past time. Following her lead, YoYoMa, Bela, and Sachi have all joined the trend of bringing in sticks from the yard and chewing them to shreds in the house. It helps to pass the time without disturbing their recovering sister, Puff.

Innovative pack that they are, more chewers has allowed for an added twists to just chewing...stealing each other's sticks and finishing them, for example. The most recent finessing of the game is to steal your siblings chew stick and return it to the yard with the challenge for him or her to go find it where it was dumped. The angst of losing a nearly gnawed to perfect specimen is palatable but has so far been taken in good spirits by all of the players.

Meanwhile, Puff continues on the slow road of recovery. Today she is eating voraciously and drinking much more than she has been. When taken outside, our Little Old Lady is walking around a bit and has even attempted the ramp to the house. Great signs of improvement each of these are. But she is still pretty weak and voluntarily chooses to spend most of the morning in oxygen instead of her typical 90 minutes. The cough seems to indicate things are starting to breakup and her nasal wheezing has been replaced by her huffing out gunk.

We thank you all for your kind thoughts and healing energies; your added strength fills her with wellness. We hope in a very short time, Puff The Magical will be participating in the Stick Chew Games.


NanĂ¼k said...

Dear Puff, all our continued prayers and warmest husky woooooos,


Dear Zsofia,


Brian said...

Keep getting better dear puff!

24 Paws of Love said...

What a great idea Zsofia! Old dogs can learn new tricks (bol) and they needed you to do it.

24 Paws crossed for Puff.