October 5, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army love the idea of Albuquerque's Annual International Balloon Fiesta. They really enjoy the bright colored orbs filling our horizon and get excited that so many people come from all over the world to visit our Land of Enchantment (the city actually doubles in population during the Fiesta). The reality is that hot air balloons with their propane flames pain a dog's ears when they get too close. Dog howling becomes almost an early morning anthem across town as the balloons pass over backyards and parks. White Dog Ranch is spared because we are covered in the "No Fly" Zone for balloonists that surrounds the airport area.

So White Dog cheered when she read that between the early morning mass ascension when over 200 balloons take to the air and the evening's Glowdeo Event (where balloons are inflated and tethered to the launch field; there they fire their propane flames in synchronized time to music) that the City had planned a Furry Friends Fiesta.

Midday on the lush green lawn behind the Balloon Museum, pups and their humans had the chance to join in on the fun. Vendors, information tables, entertainment, and a lovely Autumn afternoon provided the Furry ones an opportunity to celebrate in a way that THEY could enjoy. There was even a Paw-nic Lunch. Paws To People was there sharing the word about the importance of good health, fitness and well-being in the fight against catastrophic disease. The flyball dogs were there and made every pup jealous as they dashed down their course. Albuquerque's Animal Welfare group adopted one lucky pup...and nearly another (Elena, one of our best volunteers, was smitten with a lab mix youngster...her overzealous schedule of work/school and her three dogs at home barely were enough to keep her from adding a baby.).

There was even a Senior Eskie girl from Kansas at the event! All of the White Dog Army could not believe THAT coincidence. Here are some photos of the day...
The early morning mass ascension.
Pups enjoying a fun day in the grass
Look closely! That's no box of popcorn...it is a little maltese in costure, waiting for the pet parade to begin.
Lots of handsome pups just hanging out and socializing.
Yep! An Eskie girl from Kansas...and rumor has it there was ANOTHER White Dog of the toy variety also in attendance. THE White Dog wanted to put up a poster to gather recruits.
After the pups had their fun, at night fall, the Park twinkled for Glowdeo.
Hope your weekend made you smile!


Random Felines said...

what fun...and how great that they took time out to have some pet friendly time :)

FiveSibesMom said...

Oh how wonderful! We have an air balloon festival in the Lake George area of our state...it's on my list to get to it one day. Your pics are wonderful - love the night time ones. How fun! Now...how to get a purple one up there for Canine Epilepsy awareness??? Hmmm....