October 6, 2014

White Dog and the extended White Dog family sensed something was not right BEFORE Candace even limped into the house after her shift at work. She was near tears. Skye, Daisy and Jupiter rushed to her as she collapsed into the nearest chair; the rest of the White Dog Army carefully gathered around her.

It was after nine pm. Candace has a job that requires her to be on her feet most of her shift. She immediately took off her shoe and began massaging her foot. The pups pushed closer, wanting to sniff, diagnose and help. "It feels like something is stabbing into the veins on the top of my foot," Candace choked out. The bottoms of her feet were still recovering from blisters that have resulted in her finding the right combination of shoe, insole, socks to protect feet unaccustomed to such hard demands and abuse. "My boss made me sit in a chair at the cash register," she explained, "and told me to go to urgent care. I am thinking I am going to try to tough it through."

White Dog gave me the "Tell Her, Momma" look at the same time Skye barked her disagreement. "What if you do that and an hour into tomorrow's shift you become totally incapacitated?" I gently asked. The foot was red and angry looking, not swollen, but clearly something was wrong. "There are lots of possibilities that you cannot tough through and that will require medical attention. Your ignoring it might make things worse."

She sat and thought as she held her girls and petted them. As she calmed down, reason began to set in. "If I go over to ER can you watch the girls? I know it is late, but they are happier here with you all than they would be waiting by themselves."

Steve got home from class at 11, and we still had not heard from Candace. All of the pups napped restlessly as we all waited, knowing that our call would probably not be received if she was in for treatment or in a no cell phone area of the hospital.

At 1:30am, getting worried, Steve texted. They had taken x-rays and were waiting for a doctor to read them was her response. She felt it would not be much longer and suggested that he tuck the girls into the Studio in their bed with kisses and let them know their mom would soon be home. They were very sleepy but anxious enough that Steve sat with them a bit before coming to bed himself.

We heard the car shortly before six. Candace was bone tired and walking heavily. Skye, Daisy and Jupiter were awake and frantically barking for her. Steve went out to meet her and find out the prognosis. Poor Candace has gout! So for a couple of days, until the medication can dissolve the painful crystals, Candace is confined to sitting with her foot elevated. Steve has had one major gout attack in his adult life and can totally relate to the intense pain that accompanies it.

Because of the hour, we hope she will spend most of the day sleeping. White Dog invited the girls to join us in the main house but was politely declined. They had momma nursing duties to attend to.


Brian said...

Poor Candace. We sure hope the all better finds her soon and we send our best healing purrs.

rottrover said...

Sending POTP - literally - to Candice!


Sagira said...

Aww...feel so bad for her. Hoping she feels better soon.

Random Felines said...

oh no...we are glad you convinced her to see a doctor and hope she is feeling better soon

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh no I am sorry to hear that as I know how very painful gout is. Please rest it well Candace and let it heal. Hugs and love from here x