November 13, 2014

White Dog came in and buried her VERY cold nose on my bare shoulder. "Welcome to winter!" she crowed. "It is 23 degrees F here in the Duke City. Hope you have your sweatshirt at the ready!"

The Little White Dog of My Heart was not kidding; overnight the temperatures plummeted from pleasant long-sleeve Autumn to gloves and winter coat time. The mulberry trees that just days ago were rich green and showed no signs of shedding, this morning were dropping battalions of shocked leaves to the ground. White Dog went out to inspect the covered front yard; Zsofia watched, fascinated from the window as the leaves rained down and skittered across the drive.
Puff shuddered for a different reason. This temperature change did not sit well with her old bones and nearly furless belly. We pulled out her sweatshirt from the closet. She gratefully donned it and lay curled like a fawn tucked under the fabric.
The furnace firing was a comforting sound and its warmth is much appreciated by all. But the White Dogs ARE still northern breed pups and do not want to appear too civilized--so they enjoy the warmth of sunpuddles against the cool glass and stick to the room perimeters. But I can see them truly thinking about the necessity and urgency of nature calls...and their reluctant sigh as they head out into the chill to take care of business.


Random Felines said...

the white dogs may not appreciate the change, but we bet there is a husky pup that thinks this is fabulous!! :)

meowmeowmans said...

Our temperatures plummetted last night, too! Brrrrr!

Stay warm, dear friends!