November 14, 2014

White Dog sat watching Zsophia watching what was happening outside from HER watching chair. "She is just fascinated," WD whispered. "Most of the fun of having a baby in the house is the wonder she radiates every time she discovers something new."

I have to agree that Zsofia's enthusiasm as she explores her world is contagious. To see her sit for an hour in rapt amazement moving her entire head to follow the showers of leaves that fell with each gust of wind was like seeing a conductor direct the symphony.

The White Dog Army hung back so that she could be the first out of the dog door into the new leaf carpeted yard...we laughed as she strutted to the top of the ramp, looked around in confusion then hurled herself in a pounce onto the ground...only to stand frozen ad not sure of the crunching she had created.

It lasted only a few seconds then Zso the Explorer of New Lands was zooming about the yard, plowing through leaves and rolling...and (my favorite) leaping like an antelope. It was sheer delight to share.

Bella, Sachi and YoYoMa gave the baby some time for a solo performance before joining her in charging through the leaves and chasing each other. For a while this afternoon puppyhood reigned!


Brian said...

Now that sounds like a zoomy good time!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How I wish she khould khome sit by my tree with me!