November 17, 2014

White Dog started a pack howl of joy. The entire White Dog Army was well into about the 14th chorus before YoYoMa turned to ask, "Why are we singing?"

The White Dog Army loves when everyday people do amazing things. We believe they should be recognized and applauded. This was one of those moments.

As many are aware Paws To People has an ongoing drive to collect 7,500 pairs of used shoes which will be sent to nations in need to teach cobbling skills and then promote small business enterprises. For collecting the shoes, our non-profit will earn a sizable finder's fee...which in turn will allow P2P to focus more donor dollars on funding research to fight the nearly 400 diseases that pets and humans share...like cancer and epilepsy. We have collected nearly 2,300 pairs.

One of our most enthusiastic volunteers is a middle school student, Casey, who took the idea of holding a shoe drive to his school and convinced the Student Council to, indeed, hold a school-wide competition for classes to collect shoes for us. It is a little school of less than 400 students total, our Public Academy of Performing Arts.

The President of the Student Council called to ask if we could pick up shoes today. "Sure," I said, thinking we would bring the WDA along to express their thanks; thinking the kids would love them. Then she said, "We have 551 pairs."

Five Hundred Fifty One Pairs collected in one month. Five Hundred Fifty One Pairs!

Five Hundred Fifty One Pairs of shoes in Pumpkin meant that the WDA could not go along to show their gratitude. In fact, Steve was worried whether we could fit that many shoes in the van.

But we did...with the help of these awesome young people! Young people who loved the idea of saving pets and people and who pushed and badgered and convinced their fellow classmates and teachers to empty their closets. What incredible potential this group has!

And the best part? Just as the White Ones finished singing, the phone rang. It was their faculty adviser...11 more pairs of shoes had arrived since we were there just an hour earlier!

Sometimes the world just slaps you in the face with wonder.


Brian said...

Bravo! That is a terrific thing!

Random Felines said...

that is awesome!!! we love hearing when kids take initiative like that (btw - if you are accepting donations, let mom know and we can send you some... randomfelines at hotmail dot com)

meowmeowmans said...

Oh wow, that's wonderful! That these young folks took action with such gusto is so inspiring. We just might join the WDA in that chorus of joyous howling!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

were clapping our hands!!!