November 16, 2014

White Dog and the White Dog Army understand. White Dog has walked my path every moment since she was born. The WDA all came collectively to us bearing scars and and hidden places that protect where their hearts have been broken during the course of their life journeys...except Zsofia, so young and innocent but with enough instinct to add her protective energy to the shield that the White Ones formed around me.

It was the worst possible day and I was trying to keep hope that Michael had shown the good sense to go to his mother's apartment after he stormed out of the house Saturday, angry. He was dressed in summer clothes and took nothing but his daypack. It was only in the thirties temperature wise and colder during the night. He did not return.

Steve and I went to the cat rescue which he loves on Sunday afternoon with his coat and gloves hoping to find him there to talk sense into him and at least get him some proper gear. He was not there. The WDA knew the moment we returned home that things were way out of control.

Rage and poor decision making are hallmarks of the disabilities Michael battles and often once he starts on the mad spiral downward it is nearly impossible to slow the spin and get him to think clearly. But usually he is at least safely locked in his room.

I was filled with worry and dread and the White Ones felt my pain. They moved to comfort me and reassure me that I was not a horrible person who cared only for myself (as Michael had said when he left). I took small comfort in knowing that he had his bus pass and a few dollars; he has no cell phone (another angry moment).

His mother is estranged from us and, as expected, answered neither her phone or her door. Our hope is that he is there despite their sometimes violent tumultuous relationship.

Taiko is terrified that Michael has been abandoned to the streets and seeks our vow that he will not be sent away, too. Sachi sits in the window "yipping" at every man who walks down the street. We are a pack missing a member. It is more than unsettling.

Monday Morning Update: We filed a Missing Person report and because of Michael's disabilities they sent an officer over right away. He checked and yes, Michael is with his mother. At least he is safe and out of the elements. He went on to tell the Officer that he did not need his coat nor was he interested in getting more clothes or his schoolbooks. We are concerned by this but find some small comfort in knowing he is not wandering the streets in his anger.

The White Dog Army asks for your prayers and positive thoughts Thanks.


Brian said...

Many purrs and prayers to you all, especially Michael as he deals with his crisis.

NanĂ¼k said...

Friends, all our prayers and warmest husky woooos, we wish you only good, sorry yous have to deal with this,

Nuk & family

Random Felines said...

we are glad he is safe, but it is so hard when anger gets in the way of being able to accept help. we are sending purrs...please know that whatever happened isn't your fault... and we hope Michael comes to realize that as well.

KB Bear said...

I am sending the POTP with great hope that this will come to a peaceful and happy ending. I can only imagine how you are feeling. Sometimes being a good mentor/parent requires that you do or say things that the younger one doesn't understand. It's a tough position to be in, as I'm sure you well know. I am thinking of you.