November 22, 2014

White Dog and The White Dog Army were torn about the changes to this year's Thanksgiving plans. They were certainly delighted at the thought of an at-home family dinner. Not so thrilled at the probability that Steve will be madly working on his thesis which is due the first of December. We were all saddened at the thought that Michael would not be with us, but we ARE excited to share the day with Candace and her girls.

This was our planning session. And we had to consider some complications...like Candace's job at the airport demanded that she actually work. Steve's school demands pretty much ruled out our traditional trip to the Bosque del Apache to visit the migrating Snow Geese, Cranes, Canada Geese, and various ducks. We would be homebound this year.

Wags appeared and lips were licked as we acknowledged the challenges and turned our focus to the menu. Eating good food always makes a day festive; this was White Dog's logic.

"Well, turkey, of course," started YoYoMa. "Pumpkin pie!" the entire WDA howled. "with LOTS of whipped cream!" "Potatoes and kale au gratin," Bella suggested. "No! Mashed potatoes," Taiko argued. Sachi whispered something to him and Taiko responded, "Oh, wait those are the ones with lots of cheese! I am ok with Au gratin."

"How about some vegetables," I asked. "I could do my grandmother's recipe for fried okra and make biscuits," Candace volunteered. The WDA nodded knowing that Southern cooking would be an excellent addition to our usual. "Apples and green beans with pecans," Puff piped in. "I heard a lady talking about it in the Pet Emporium and it sure sounded yummy." "Don't forget cranberries," WD reminded. "And we need to make that awesome sausage and veggie stuffing. We have to, momma has made that for me every year. Oh, and of course cheese before; nice ones like I like."

"We are missing sweet potatoes," Skye said. "We should make OUR mom's salmon patties too," Daisy volunteered. Jupiter barked her agreement.

"Whoa, gang! We are but three humans and an Army of pups. this is a LOT of food!" "Leftovers, momma," WD pointed out. "There is always supposed to be leftovers.

After more discussion we agreed that Thursday, actual Thanksgiving we would brunch on grazing food like cheeses, salmon, sweet potato pancakes, and fruit smoothies. Candace must be to work by 1pm and does not return until after nine.

On Friday, when everyone is home, we will cook a traditional turkey meal. Everyone loves the idea of two days together to celebrate all of the things for which we are grateful.

White Dog looked at me and said, "Well?" The little white dog of my heart, I love her because she is often so much like me. I knew what she wanted.

"I will get to work right away on the grocery list and a schedule. Let's not forget the sunflowers for the table. It will be a wonderful day." She wagged and I kissed her head.


Brian said...

That sounds like a darn good plan to us!

Nanük said...

A wonderful day indeed! Happy thanksgiving mates, extra carrots for everyone!


Pfffft, kids...pass the turkey!


Random Felines said...

we agree - a wonderful plan