November 23, 2014

White Dog has become a bit of a canine sociologist since Quinn's passing. She, like me, is constantly intrigued in the wondrous interactions that go into building a family of strangers. Also like me, she is awestruck at the myriad of paths taken by the individuals of the White Dog Army that ultimately seem to lead to the same place...developing trust and a total belief that they are "home."

In particular we were discussing Zsofia and Jupiter and their additions over the summer to our White Dog Army. When Candace came to live with us, she brought alone her Eskies, Skye and Daisy. Both girls have been with her through all the difficulties she has faced and their survival mechanism (all three) has been to cling to each other as life rafts. Both girls move within the WDA without problem but they are most comfortable when they, and Candace are together. When she is not home, the girls join us but tend to stick together on the couch.

Candace adopted Jupiter from Albuquerque's shelter. The little old partially blind girl had been dumped by her owner's family after the woman had passed away. Poor Jupiter at 12 years old have previously been the pampered child of an indulgent human; she was confused and lost at the shelter.

Amazingly Jupiter and Candace bonded instantly; Skye and Daisy accepted her as one of them. In a happier times past, they had been exposed to foster sisters.

Jupiter fit right into their small family but astonishingly seems to think of all of us as her family. She is the only one of Candace's pups who regularly strolls into our house through the dog door, inviting herself to hang out or snack. The WDA doesn't seem to even notice that she is not white...or that she has begun to have her favorite spots to nap and supervise. In Jupiter's eyes, it seems, that she has inherited a HUGE family and lots of places to feel safe.

Zsofia has never known hardship in her short life. She thinks the entire world has been put before he to discover and enjoy. The "new" puppy was only with us for a few days before Candace and her girls moved in and Candace has played a crucial role in helping with potty training and babysitting tasks. Our baby, now a tall lanky teen, still thinks nothing of leaping into her arms to give kisses...or push her way into the Studio to watch movies from under Candace's bed.

Like Jupiter, Zsofia believes that we are all one pack and that she is invited to participate in everybody's business.

Sachi is the only one of the "mature" members of the WDA who is so free with including himself in what goes on in both homes. But he, we all laugh, views himself as the girls "Mighty Protector" and those living in the Studio part of his "harem." He will go visiting there, plop down on the bed and check out bowls for leftovers. Often Candace has to put him out and shut the door to get him to come back to the main house at bedtime.

All of this White Dog notes and adds to the scholarly journal she keeps on WDA developments. As an only child for so long, she is fascinated. With her interest in comparative studies, she wonders how the body of her observations could provide insights into human behavior. As a writer, she thinks there may be a major motion picture somewhere hidden in this all.


NanĂ¼k said...

We huskys do love to be in everyone's business! A great post, we all loved the pics too,


meowmeowmans said...

We think it would be an epic of a motion picture. All about the power of love!

Mr. Pip said...

We could all learn a lot from your pack ...dogs have so much to teach us. And yes, a movie would be great!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

All the furrys in your home are so wise!

Jeanne Pursell said...

Hi there! We are popping in to say hello! Hope all is well! It sounds like your new family members are all fitting in well! That is great. Blessings to you all!
Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

Brian said...

Family is just the best thing ever!