November 5, 2014

White Dog said, "It is like you always tell people, momma. NEVER underestimate us!"

This morning Puff woke up and decided that she was done with this pneumonia, being sick, thing. She insisted on standing at her place in the kitchen for breakfast and ate from her bowl. She expressed extreme displeasure at the indignity of having the liquid Ensure squirted down her throat after, but she wasn't interested in drinking it and we thought that the supplement was still needed. And our best measure is the struggle to give her pills...the better she feels, the greater the wrestling match and more tightly clamped shut the jaws.

Steve took her into the office after eating to lounge in the oxygen kennel while he worked. The door is closed but unlatched so she can exit if she wants. After an hour, she came into the living room to lie next to me, her paw holding my foot...lord knows I have missed THAT! Steve worked on, unsupervised.

In the early afternoon Steve harnessed up Zsofia and called YoYoMa for a power walk before his late night of teaching. Our Little Old Lady pushed her way past the two walkers and made clear that SHE was going to need a leash...it was walk time! Steve asked the others to wait, leashed up Puff and they walked all the way around the front yard.

And she lined up for jerky at treat time!

No oxygen this afternoon, Still Another White Dog did not object to resting but wanted the freedom to choose where she napped. Since her breathing was good, I did not play the "momma" card.

Michael came in frazzled after taking her out to potty. "I could not get her to stop walking around, stand still and go," he complained. "She is sick but she wouldn't let me carry her in. She came in the dog door." It took a bit to reassure him that those were good things.

As Candace began to make the White Dog dinners, Puff joined her in the kitchen. It was clear that our Feisty One planned to join the Army AND that she did not want her meal ruined with the nasty supplement. "Tell you what," I bargained with her, "you eat your entire regular meal and no Ensure. Leave any of it and we will have to add calories."

She ate the homecooked portion, the fish-rice-vegetable mix that is dinner's mainstay, plus seconds AND a half scoop of kibble. "Blame the prednisone," we concluded. We offered the Oxygen kennel for post-dinner napping but she stubbornly curled up on her bed at the hearth where she sleeps, waiting for Steve.

The nose congestion seems to have broken up for the most part. It has been about 12 hours since we rubbed it the passage clearing vaporub and there is no bubbling or snottiness. A few random coughs indicate that things are not over, but her stamina and appetite tell us that good things are happening inside her body.

Good things that will please Dr. Julia when we report in. The hard part is to keep Puff from overdoing now that she is feeling better...the balance is still tenuous. But your positive thoughts and healing energies are helping! Thank you.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

This is all such good news! Puff wants to feel better!

rottrover said...

Oh Puff! You felt our rottie POTP, keep feeling better. We'll keep sending the PAW!

Bart, Ruby and Otto

JudyMae Johnson said...

Yea Puff!

Shawn said...

Great news and I hope each day shows more improvement!

Random Felines said...

that is good news and we will send purrs for continued improvement - Miss Puff...take it easy girl!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

That's such good news to read. Keep it up little one I am routing for you and send love and hugs your way x

haopee said...

This is definitely good news. I am happy Puff is back to being the magical dragon that she deserves to be. LOL. Ensure. That's my mom's supplement.