November 6, 2014

White Dog has been feeling a bit lost in the crowd what with Puff battling pneumonia, the swooning awwwws that Baby Zsofia gets from everyone, and the fuss that is made over Taiko's amazing progress in coming out of his shell. Plus it is her turn to come down with sniffles...WD was one of the last holdouts to avoid the upper respiratory thing that as Dr. Julia predicted has swept through the White Dog Army.

She lay with her head on my lap as I softly stroked her ears. Bella came up and was met with a throaty growl from WD warning my Tiny Dancer that this was HER time.

"Come on, Baby Girl, Let's go do a Throwback Thursday Post that features a time when it was just you...when you were an only child and there was no White Dog Army." She licked my hand in gratitude for understanding.

So for Throwback Thursday...
White Dog on the ancient old green momma chair...long gone!
A 2007 trip to the home of Georgia O'Keefe
WD at my first art showing in 2008
Christmas bounty was much greater in 2009 when she did not have to share.
In 2010, Quinn joined us. "Wait," I apologized, "This post is supposed to be about your only child days." "Truth be told, momma," she replied, "having a brother...and now brothers and sisters isn't really so bad. I love having them around...MOST of the time."
I kissed her and held her close as I whispered, "only you are my daemon, the Little White Dog who owns half my soul." She smiled. "I know."

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Brian said...

Beautiful photos! Purrs and prayers to you dear Puff!