December 1, 2014

White Dog put her paw on my leg as Zsofia loped past us and out of the dog door. "Don't worry, momma. Keep working. I'll go check on the little varmint." she suggested. "Thanks Little One," I responded deep into what I was working on and grateful for the Leader of The White Dog Army.

Sachi ran out to follow Zso, like he usually does. Then Bella slipped past me and ran out. "Nice," I thought. "Everyone will run a bit, do some zoomies and get some exercise." YoYoMa made his stately way out of the dog door.

I had been set up.

This I discovered when I went into the kitchen and noticed the freezer bag of leftover turkey that was to be dinner was missing.

Zsofia is now tall enough to surf the kitchen counters and we are still not trained enough to think HIGHER! Steve claims that he had placed the bag at the counter's far back by the spashguard but all our innovative darker white girl needs is a flexible enough giraffe neck allowing a tiny tooth hold to drag what she desires into her wanting maw.

I imagine it was quite the little afternoon turkey snack that went on in the yard. Everyone came back in VERY quietly and looking quite satisfied. And suddenly, my supervisor corps was busy elsewhere.

Zso, flush with her success and sudden WDA popularity, made a mistake that often brings down the novice thief...she brought the torn and empty bag to me for praise...and asked if there was more!


Liama Jhons said...

this is really tough thing to do. i must have to appreciate you.
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24 Paws of Love said...

I love that she brought the bag back in! Too funny! Very proud of her own work, I see. lol Not to mention Miss Popularity among the pack.

Zso must be getting some long legs. Wait until she jumps up ON the counter!!

Brian said...

Well it had to have been some yummy fun!

meowmeowmans said...

Oh my. That was some mighty stealthy (but delicious) mischief! Your last paragraph made me laugh ("...flush with her success and sudden WDA popularity..."). LOL!

Hugs to you all.

Random Felines said...

yep - gotta learn to hide the evidence :)

Mr. Pip said...

That's adorable. She has a bit to learn in the mischief department.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Silly little puppy!