December 2, 2014

White Dog noticed Taiko in the yard with Steve. "It seems he is feeling a bit more limber this morning," she commented. "It is nice to see him enjoying walking."

Taiko has issues with arthritis forming and a almost ground away front elbow, not to mention the bullet lodged in his shoulder. He is not an old dog but has lived a hard life. Changing weather and dampness reduce him to hobbling and mince-walking despite his pain management meds. It DID bring a smile to watch him make the rounds of the yard with Steve interested and engaged rather than hurrying to finish business and get back to resting.

Hi, Taiko The Tender Hearted here. Thought you might want to stroll around the yard with me on this brisk December morning.
Behind me are some of the plants I helped Dad plant this summer. They are sleeping now for winter.
I love to crunch through the leaves. We have some very colorful ones along the perimeter wall.
The bright red ones come from this tree, the Bradbury Pear.
Up the ramp, through the dog door and six quick steps brings me back to my special orthopedic mattress as I now wait for breakfast. Hope you enjoyed walking with me.


Brian said...

We sure hope that arthur thing doesn't pick on that sweetie.

Random Felines said...

good job Taiko....every step counts

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thank you for the very nice walkie in your yard. I hope you feel better soon.