December 10, 2014

White Dog was consulting with Steve early this morning as he worked on the 2014 White Dog Army Christmas Card. It makes her nervous when there is not a Plan and a Schedule; to her the card still being just a work in progress at this late date was nerve wracking.

And when Sachi joined them and began distracting Steve by asking about all kinds of computer special effects, WD just about lost her Christmas Spirit. "You boys can PLAY anytime," she complained as they laughed and got silly. "If we don't get done with this soon there will be NO point!"

"You sound like momma does sometimes," Steve told her thinking I was asleep and didn't hear that. Actually my girl DID sound like me and I was smiling to myself in pride.

Zsofia left her kennel and headed for the office. A few minutes later White Dog hopped up on the bed next to me. She settled against me with a disgruntled sigh. "I'll be surprised if we EVER end up with a card," she huffed. "NOW the three of them are in there laughing as dad stretches Zso's photo like it is a carnival mirror. I wish they would just FOCUS!"

I stroked her silky fur and totally understood. "Let's rest a bit more," I told her, "then you and I can go over the cookie list for next week and make a REAL plan!" She snuggled closer. "A plan with a schedule and organization?" "Yes, my love. And we will make sure things are done according to the plan."

White Dog licked my cheek. "I love you, too, Little White Dog of My Heart!"


Mr. Pip said...

The holidays can be so stressful. Rest is a good thing!

Brian said...

Organization??? What's that?

Random Felines said...

does she rent herself out?? mom could use a good planner sometimes :)