December 11, 2014

White Dog looked at snake who was abandoned by Zsofia just seconds before. "Remember the story of Snake," she asked me. It is our Throw Back Thursday tale.

Of course I did. I picked the battered and chewed in a million places stuffie up from the floor and smiled. "It was when YoYoMa was on his way to us," I recalled. "Yeah and the fact that he left HIS snake back in California almost caused the whole adoption to fall through," WD added shaking her head at the memory.

YoYoMa's story was a sad one of health catastrophes and abuse and his rescuer was a concerned friend not an experienced person at saving and rehoming pups. She bounced back and forth several times before it seemed all was good to go for YoYo to join the White Dog Army. The Eskie Railroad picked him up in Northern California and had not been on the road for more than an hour when the rescuer called me.

"Tell them they have to bring YoYo back," she said. It took many minutes to cut through her nervousness to find out that she was worried that Yo would be distraught without the green snake that had been his favorite toy while he was with her. After even more time, I was able to convince her that I would go out that very day and buy a snake EXACTLY like his to have ready to give him the moment he arrived at White Dog Ranch. She vowed to report the dog stolen if I did not keep my promise. She sent me a photo so I would be sure to not make a mistake...and I emailed back a photo showing that I had accomplished the task.
One of the stops during Yo's transport to us was a couple of days as a guest of Big Carl and his family (they still lived in California then). Even though they had no green snake, our boy had a fantastic time.

When YoYoMa arrived and discovered that we had an entire toy box full of neat toys with great smells he was not at all interested in the snake. I posed him with the snake and shot a photo to send so that the rescuer would be at peace.

He never has played with the snake. Puff loved it for a while and ate its head in her attempt to find and remove the squeakers. Taiko sometimes seems to enjoy stepping on it to make noise. Bella has experimented chewing on its tail.

It is one of Zsofia's favorite playthings. She loves to just grab and bite at it until you beg her to stop making it "scream." She drags it around and pounces on it. She uses it as a lure to entice Sachi to try to grab the other end. And now, YoYoMa will occasionally go over and give it a sniff or a taste, then leave it for the kid to enjoy.

Throw Back Thursday: Shortly after YoYoMa arrived in 2011, she discovered the green snake that had been specially bought for him. He never cared much about it, but she greatly enjoyed eating its head.


Mr. Pip said...

So glad all the White Dogs are surrounded with love and many toys!

NanĂ¼k said...

Good to know woo Yo!! Play bows,


Random Felines said...

no accounting for taste...but at least the snake is getting some action from the baby :)