December 15, 2014

White Dog and the rest of the Army had, during the night, found it in their hearts to forgive us for deserting them on Sunday but were taking no chances on a repeat today. All morning and into the afternoon Steve and I were under constant watch and if we moved, we had multiple escorts to accompany us.

It was more than just guilt that prompted a belated Sunday brunch on Monday of scrambled eggs and bacon served atop a buckwheat pancake for each of the White Dogs. Truth be told, I HAD missed them and the routine of being around them.

"You are going soft," Steve teased. "Good thing you work from home or you would need to have a corporate office big enough for the Army to come with you." I HAVE been spoiled being able to work at home and he is right, I do not think I could stand eight hours a day (or the 12+ hours I spent in my last corporate job) without the destressing, recentering, zen perspectives of the White Dog Army.

And so we spent the day, back in our routine...even enjoying a quick afternoon nap with Zso holding me in place by lying on my afghan (WD of course was at my shoulder, Puff at my side and Bella under my chair). Sachi slept on top of Steve and Taiko stretched out so that he would be awakened if Steve moved his feet from the sofa to the floor. YoYo blocked exit by lying across the front door.

It was peaceful and replenishing after the long social day of Sunday which had been exhausting.

But the time came when, Steve had to ready himself for his late night of teaching. Surprisingly everyone seemed to understand that this, too, was part of our routine and that I would be home the entire time with them waiting...

...and somehow, because we were together, it was OK.


meowmeowmans said...

What a lovely post, Sue. It's true, being together pretty much makes everything better. :)

Hugs to you all.

Brian said...

Routine, normal and family is purrfect!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am glad things are back to normal now.