December 14, 2014

White Dog laid her muzzle over Zsofia's muzzle. It was only eight in the morning and already the Baby was glum. "Where did it go," Zso woo wooed to her sister. "Yesterday it was fluffy and cold and white in the yard. Now it is just cold muck and somebody stole the snow."

WD started to explain as the others gathered around in support but the Darkest White Dog rushed through the dog door back out into the yard. We all watched her through the patio doors as she pawed at the little bits of white that remained at the edge of the wall. It was pathetic.

It was to be a day of White Dog discontent. Today was the Paws To People fundraiser being held at a local pizza restaurant. We had live music planned in the afternoon and early evening...and a Board of Directors meeting to start the day. I cupped faces and wrapped my arms around ruffs. "Dearest Ones," I tried to gently break the news, "Dad and I will be gone for quite a while today. I will miss you all terribly and will think about you the entire time. Candace will be home to make sure everyone gets out for breaks and will come in to keep you company." Taiko whined. "I promise we will be home but not until after dinner time. Please try to just rest, stay in from the cold, and understand. You know we love you."

The White Dog Army was mad when we returned around 8:30pm. When I tried to tell them about how well the event went, they pointedly turned their backs on me. Puff voiced her opinion by leaving a huge puddle on the carpet. Taiko threw up as Steve petted him and then again just after the cleanup was complete. Sachi and YoYoMa got into a standoff over who would sit against my legs; it almost came to blows. Bella marked over Puff's spot just as Steve brought out the zamboni cleaner. Zsofia was chewing something plastic that we could not identify.

And the worst was that not a single member of the WDA was contrite. Instead they made it seem as though it was OUR fault and that they were mere victims. I called upon their leader, White Dog, to help set them straight. "Tell them it was for a good cause, one we all work so hard for."

Her response was to coldly stare and then walk out of the room.

Walks were taken half heartedly and even treats were lifted from my fingers with a forced air of civility.

"I love you," I said to each one right before we turned off the light. Not a single shake or settling noise or tail thump...just silence.

I hope I am forgiven tomorrow.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

they did not understand.

Mr. Pip said...

Tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure all will be forgiven in the morning!

NanĂ¼k said...

Oh dear, we are sure all will soon be forgiven,

Nuk & Isis

Random Felines said...

now now white dogs.....missing people for a good cause is not something you hold a grudge about :)