December 25, 2014

White Dog and The White Dog Army surround us now, coated in the bliss of a perfect day. It was quiet and uneventful as things go, but we were together and shared a delicious feast...that in itself was a fantastic gift.

We hope each and every one of you had a day filled with celebration, joy, family, and love. The WDA prays that you made time to share the spirit of the day by reaching out to someone lonely, bringing a smile, extending a simple kindness, helping a creature in need. It is our wish that tonight as you end your holiday that you take time to give thanks and ask for every being to sleep tonight filled with a bit of hope for a better tomorrow. After all, that is what this day is REALLY about...hope.

We send you our favorite Christmas carol and ask you join in its simple message...Peace on Earth. Forever. Everyday. Always.