December 26, 2014

White Dog sighed with contentment. It was mid-day and the White Dog Army was just hanging out. Steve was sitting on the floor with them, brushing a little, playing a little, mostly just enjoying the interaction. Taiko, usually only social in small bursts, was lying next to him soaking in the day.

A chicken cider stew with parsnips simmered gently in the kitchen and filled the house with the smells of family and comfort. Steve untangled himself from the WDA for a moment, promising to be right back and returned with a tray bearing pretzels and raspberry dip (from Hansel's mom) and Da Nubs Hard Pretzel Treats from Fergielicious. "The smell was making me hungry," Steve shrugged as he passed around a little unexpected snack. Wagging tails and the sounds of crunching said the Army agreed.

The day after Christmas has always been one of serenity and calm. The stress of a successful and perfect day is past. Phone calls have been made; presents dropped off; expectations met. The wrapping paper has been shredded and enjoyed before being taken out to the trash. Gifts from loved ones sit as neatly displayed reminders of the special bonds that connect us to so many.

White Dog could not resist commenting, as we looked at the gifts, "Only dad would know that the perfect gifts for you would be a papier-mache Day of the Dead Skull and a tin folk art beetle...and only you, momma, would have such things on your wish list!" I kissed her face. "I have no wish list. Dad just KNOWS when he sees such things. He has always been amazing like that."

She continued her thoughts. "I had to laugh at Zsofia's enthusiasm this morning." Zso's crate has a perfect view out of the dog door and at first light this morning she began singing that she needed to go out. Steve tried to ignore her, but she was insistent AND was waking all of the others. He struggled out of the warm covers and opened her door. Out she flew only to return seconds later to stand on us in the bed, feet caked in wetness, cold, howling her joy...it had SNOWED! She seemed puzzled that everyone did not immediately hop up and run outside. So she went over to Bella and shouted the news into her sleeping face...Bella growled. Sachi was curled up behind Steve's knees and did not even stir when she told HIM! "Leave him!" I warned as she approached the soundly sleeping Taiko. Yo was tucked into a ball hiding under the window quilt.

White Dog nodded. "That is when she came into the office. I knew she would torture Puff so when she started leaping and howling, I got up and chased her out the dog door. We did some zoomies in the yard and I challenged her at the top of the ramp...made her go all the way around to the stairs!"

From the floor between my feet, two dark white ears appeared. "You didn't scare me at all, sister!" Zsofia replied. "I just thought I give you a little snowy morning workout." "Workout?' White Dog sputtered. "Yeah, you older girls need to exercise!" "Older girls! Exercise! I'll show you!"

Out into the afternoon WD chased the baby...followed by the others who just wanted to see what was going to happen next. "I guess they have 364 days until they need to worry about Santa and his naughty list," I laughed to Steve.


Random Felines said...

those little kids are always up to something :)

bbes tribe said...

Love their adventures . It is so much fun to watch our furkids and their antics. Wishing you all a very happy New Year.
Ernie.all the furkids and Barb