December 4, 2014

White Dog agreed with a comment made the other day. "Zsofia DOES have legs like a giraffe," she said. "I guess we should be thankful she does not have the neck as well or nothing would be safe from her reach." This was amusing coming from her co-conspirator in the Great Purloined Turkey Backyard Fiesta of earlier this week, but this time the long legs of the darkest White Dog were used to get the dog cookie White Dog had hidden up on the back of HER chair...so the perspective was different.

For those who doubt, here are some Throwback Thursday comparisons of Little Miss Zsofia...
Zsofia at 8 weeks compared to the size of her siblings.
Zso, Sachi, Jupiter and Yo surround momma now just a day short of five months.
She sits and Taiko, our second biggest boy, stands next to her.
The Queen of Counter Surfing at just five months. I fear we will need 60' tall counters by her first birthday.


Random Felines said...

wow - she HAS gotten bigger. yep - you are going to have a counter surfer

24 Paws of Love said...

If you didn't know it by now, Huskies are known for their food theivery. lol I'd say you've got your hands full with that "little" girl!